Why to use Spring Framework?

This article explains you why to use the Spring Framework for developing the enterprise applications?

Why to use Spring Framework?

Why to use Spring Framework in a web application?

In this article I will explain you the features and benefits of Spring Framework. We will also learn how and why developers are using the most popular Java application development framework for the developing and deploying the enterprise applications. Spring is so useful and easy to use that it is used in almost all the modern enterprise web applications. Spring Framework easily integrates with other Java based frameworks with very less effort and also provides the ideal environment to integrated and deploy the applications.

Spring framework is much different framework such Struts or Hibernate and it focuses on the integration of all the frameworks pulling together the best out of each framework and create a coherent architecture for the development and deployment of the enterprise class applications. If you learn Spring Framework once you will get to know the power and features of the framework.

Why to use Spring Framework?

What is Spring Framework?

Spring Framework or simply Spring in Java is open source Java based framework for making the JEE based applications easier and fun. It aims to provide the easy to use APIs and tools for easy and fast development, testing and deployment of the Enterprise applications. There are many modules of the Spring Framework which you can use selectively in your application. Spring framework is "non-intrusive" and allows you  to use the components you want in your application. The meaning of the "non-intrusive"  is that your application code does not require the Spring dependency directly and does not directly depend on the Spring libraries.


Why to use the Spring Framework?

Here is points that describes why to use the Spring Framework?

  • Spring framework is modular: Spring Framework is modular framework and it allows you to selectively use the components you want.
  • Spring framework is non-invasive: It means that it does not force the developers to implement or extend the Spring API in application.
  • Spring is light-weight framework: Spring is light-weight framework and it is based on the POJO classes; Spring framework knows how to inject dependencies in run-time.
  • Spring Framework is popular due to its simplicity
  • Spring Framework great feature for the testing of your application
  • Spring framework is loosely coupled framework

Spring Framework was initially started to ease the development of J2EE based application by providing the environment, API and valuable services. In the year 2003 spring framework was introduced and it helped to developer to handle the complexity of the development of large scale enterprise applications. Since then Spring Framework is evolving and currently it is one of the most used framework in Java. It allows the many other frameworks to work together in a coherent manner.

The Spring Core component is very successful component of the Spring framework and it works on the Dependency Injection and Inversion of control principals.

Dependency Injection

The Dependency Injection is very important feature of the Spring Framework, it allows the developers to define the dependency in their program and the Spring Framework satisfies the dependencies.

There three ways of Dependency Injection in Spring Framework:

Aspect-Oriented Programming

Spring Framework also provides the support for the Aspect-Oriented Programming which is an ideal solution to some of the complex programming needs. For example you can add the logging facility to your application without modifying the existing code. Check the nice example of Spring AOP Hello World Example with source code.

Apart from these things Spring framework provides many modules for the easy development of various kinds of applications. Here is the names of important modules of the Spring Framework:

  • Spring Core
  • Spring Context
  • Spring DAO
  • Spring ORM
  • Spring AOP
  • Spring WEB-MVC

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