Spring Framework 4.1 - First Release candidate available

Spring Framework 4.1 first release candidate is now available for download and you can start using its new features. Spring Framework 4.1 is set to deliver many new features and the many themes.

Spring Framework 4.1 - First Release candidate available

Spring Framework 4.1 First Release candidate is available

It is a good news for the developers of Spring framework as the Spring Framework 4.1 is available with many new features and many themes support. Currently Spring Framework 4.1's first release candidate is available.

This version of the Spring Framework provides rich set of tools and API for better development of enterprise applications.

Here are the features:

  • Annotated JMS listener methods
  • Support for JMS 2.0's shared subscriptions

Spring 4.1 provides great support for JMS and its abstraction support helps a lot in the development of JMS based applications. In the Spring Framework 4.1 system is further improved for the listener endpoints. This version of Spring framework will allow the developers to define JMS listeners simply with the annotation.

public class MyService {

    @JmsListener(containerFactory = "myContainerFactory", destination = "myQueue")
    public void processOrder(String data) { ... }


Comprehensive support for JCache (JSR-107) annotations and related features

This version of the Spring Framework provides the support for the JCache and the following annotations can be used in the applications:


A compiler mode for the Spring Expression Language (SpEL)

The SpEL is used for the selective compilation of hotspot expressions into Java bytecode at runtime.

Resource resolution changes

Spring Framework 4.1 provides the added features for the flexible resolution and transformation of static web resources. The package org.springframework.web.servlet.resource provides these features.

Support for Groovy markup templates in web MVC

Now Groovy markup templates can be used with the Spring Web application and this is possible as a new template engine implemented.

Other features of the Spring 4.1 Frameworks are:

  • Java 8 Support
  • Support for the direct field binding for the nested fields and also added support for the auto-growing of the nested field paths
  • Declarative MVC view resolution setup
  • Support for Jackson's JsonView mechanism
  • A WebSocket scope
  •  SockJS client support
  • Exposing STOMP/WebSocket stats
  • Support for the declarative SQL scripts and programmatic transactions in the TestContext framework

RC2 of Spring Framework 4.1 is planned in the Mid August and the GA for the Spring 4.1 is expected in the September 2014.

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