Spring MVC framework Features

Spring MVC framework Features

Spring MVC framework Features

Spring MVC framework Features

This section contains the unique features of Spring MVC web framework.

Given below the unique features of the Spring MVC framework :

  • In Spring MVC framework, clear division of functions / roles and each role is carried through a specific object. For example,  DispatcherServlet is used to act as central Servlet or Front Controller . The key function of this object is to dispatching requests  to controllers.

  • In Spring MVC , framework and application classes can be configured very effectively and easily as JavaBeans.

  • Spring MVC provides adjustability and  flexibility. You can define any number of controller method signature you need. 

  • In Spring MVC, you can reuse business code without duplication. To extend a specific base class of framework, you can reuse the business objects or form objects without duplicating them.

  • Spring MVC provides customization of binding and validation.

  • Spring MVC provides customization of handler mapping and view resolution.

  • Spring MVC view technology supports flexible model transfer using Map.

  • Spring MVC supports JSPs , JSTL, Velocity effectively and also provides customization of locale and theme resolution.

  •  Spring tag library , also known as JSP tag library, provides more flexibility and also supports various features like data binding and themes.

  • Spring MVC support beans whose life cycle extends up to current HTTP Session or HTTP request. 


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