Simple Form Controller Example

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Simple Form Controller Example

Example of using Simple Form Controller.

Example of using Simple Form Controller.

Example of using Simple Form Controller

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In this page we will see the next steps necessary to run the example code. 

Here are the steps you should follow now. 

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Step 7:

Now we will create a class inside the project src folder to validate the wrong data entry in the user.jsp form fields by the user. The code of the class is:

package net.roseindia.web;
import java.util.regex.*;

import org.springframework.validation.Errors;
import org.springframework.validation.Validator;

import net.roseindia.web.User;

public class UserValidator implements Validator {

  public boolean supports(Class clazz) {
  return User.class.isAssignableFrom(clazz);
  public void validate(Object obj, Errors errors) {
  User user = (User) obj; 

  if ((user.getEmailid() != "") || 
(user.getEmailid().length()) != 
0) {
  Pattern p=Pattern.compile("[email protected]+\\.[a-z]+");

          Matcher m=p.matcher(user.getEmailid());
          boolean b=m.matches();

"""Email ID does not Valid ");        
      if ((user.getContact() != "") ||

 (user.getContact().length()) != 0) {        
          Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile

          Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher

          boolean con=matcher.matches();


"Enter Contact Number Like 0-9999-999999");
      if ((user.getDob() != "") || (

user.getDob().length()) != 0) {        
      Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile

      Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(user.getDob());
      boolean DOB=matcher.matches();

"""Enter Date of birth Like 01/02/1986 ");
      if (user.getName() == null || 

user.getName().length() == 0) {

"error.empty.field""Please Enter Name");
        if (user.getDob() == null || 

user.getDob().length() == 0) {

"error.empty.field""Please Enter Date Of Birth");
        if (user.getContact() == null || 

user.getContact().length() == 0) {

 "error.empty.field""Please Enter Contact Number");
        if (user.getEmailid() == null || 

user.getEmailid().length() == 0) {

 "error.empty.field""Please Enter Email ID");
        if (user.getQualification() == null ||

 user.getQualification().length() == 0) {

 "error.empty.field""Please Enter Qualification");
        if (user.getAddress() == null ||

 user.getAddress().length() == 0) {

"error.empty.field""Please Enter Address");

Step 8:

Now we will run this example and see the output like:

After  click on this link user can see the form to enter user personal details like:

If user enter wrong data then validator call by the controller and display errors like:

If user fill correct data then output like:

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