Java Springs Framework Tutorial

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Java Springs Framework Tutorial

Spring framework is the most used application development framework because it allows developers to create modular, portable and testable applications.

Spring framework is the most used application development framework because it allows developers to create modular, portable and testable applications.

Java Springs Framework Tutorial

Spring framework is a Java platform that is developed by Spring Source Company and is used develop robust Java applications. Java developers use Spring to create modular, portable and testable applications.

Spring is an open source framework. It was initially written by Rod Johnson. Spring is lightweight and transparent.

Spring is the most used application development framework in the world. Because of its popularity, Spring is often referred as de-facto standard for developing Enterprise Java applications.

It provides infrastructure support and create high performing, easily testable and reusable code. As Spring handles the infrastructure it becomes easy for developers to focus on developing application.

Spring framework provides support to:

  • JPA
  • Hibernate
  • Web services
  • Schedulers
  • Ajax
  • Struts
  • JSF

Spring framework is also available for .NET and can be used to develop MVC based web applications.

Besides developing Java application, Spring framework can be used to build web applications on top of the J2EE platform. It allows developer to build POJO-based application.

Features of Spring framework:

  • Dependency Injection
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)
  • Spring MVC web application
  • support for JDBC, JPA, JMS

Dependency Injection

Spring is known for its Dependency Injection concept also known as Inversion of Control (IoC) component.

Objects in a Java application have dependencies on each other but Java lacks the functionality to organize these basic building blocks. Spring framework allows developers to compose the various classes and object instances into an application.

AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming)

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) module of Spring framework helps developers decouple cross cutting concerns that implements functionality that should be separated.

Aspect is the unit of modularity in AOP.

Spring MVC web application

Spring has its own MVC (Model-View-Controller) that has already defined interfaces like HandlerMapping, HandlerAdapter, Controller, View, ViewResolver, HandlerInterceptor and LocaleResolver.

Interface are tightly coupled with Servlet API.