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Rose India is one of the best Big Data POC Companies working on Big Data projects and also helps companies in getting their Big Data POC Done quickly to demonstrate benefits of technologies.

Big Data POC Development Companies - Get your Big Data POC developed for your project

Proof of Concept or simple the POC is first steps for deciding on the development of Big Data Projects. We offer Big Data POC application development services so that you can quickly decide and restructure your Big Data application development plan. This helps better business to decide on which technologies and strategy to adopt for maximum ROI on Analytics projects.

Rose India is one of the best known companies for the design and development of Big Data projects. We start with the requirements and quickly develop Big Data POC to support our solutions. This gives better understanding of the complete architecture of the Big Data system to stack holders of the project and about the success of the projects.

We offer quality Big Data application development services in India, we work on Big Data, Data Lake, Azure HDInsight, Amazon AWS and in house application development projects. Our highly application architecture, developer and testers deliver top-rated business Big Data applications to our clients.

POC is also important to decide Big Data hardware, Big Data Platform, software stack and IT skills for successful completion of the project. POC is one of technologies uses these days to decide on the Big Data complete project execution plan.

Our POC application will help you deciding on the Advanced Analytics to support your business goals; with the use of best combinations of Machine Leaning software. A well planned Big Data project delivers the capabilities which are necessary for advanced analytics later point of time by the Big Data initiative.

Our POC development services are offering answers to all these questions of software development phase so that you can plan best solution for your project.

Big Data POC projects may include:

  • Data Ingestion at high speed
  • Setup of POC Cluster
  • Analysis of Data
  • Machine Learn to find meaningful information
  • Test new technologies
  • Test Machine learning
  • Test Integration of components
  • Very business use case
  • Data ingestion from Databases
  • Data ingestion from Teradata
  • Data ingestions from csv
  • Data cleansing

These are the indicative list of POC work, we can customize our services to meet your requirement, develop app, test app and finally deliver as per your business goals.

Big Data Application development services:

We offer application development services for wide range of business and science filed including:

  • Finance Big Data Analytics
  • Energy Big Data Analytics
  • Healthcare/Pharma Big Data Analytics
  • Telecom Big Data Analytics
  • Internet Big Data Analytics
  • Image Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud and AWS Big Data Services
  • Data mining and analytics
  • Big Data System Integration
  • Big Data System Maintenance
  • Big Data Application deployment and Support
  • Big Data and Data Lake Systems Administration

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