Python 3.11 System Requirements

In this section we will learn the system requirements of Python 3.11.

Python 3.11 System Requirements

Python 3.11: System requirements of Python 3.11 Programming language

In this section we are going to understand the system requirements of the Python 3.11 programming language. Python 3.11 programming language is faster than Python 3.10 and comes with many feature improvements. The minimal requirement is is at least 2CPU, 4GB RAM and 5GB of disk space. You should define your requirement based on the workload you have to process with the Python project.

If you want to get full advantage of Python 3.11 then you should use the latest updated version of your operating system. You can use the latest available CPU for running the Python application at very high speed. Latest CPU comes with high frequency and more cores, which gives perfect performance to the application. Python 3.11 is also very optimized to run at fast speed and provide over 10 to 60% more performance than Python 3.10. Now, we will see the requirements for installing and using Python 3.11.

System requirements for Python 3.11 is as follows:

1. Operating system: You should have a Python compatible operating system. Python 3.11 can be installed on the latest Linux operating systems such Ubuntu 20.04 or above. If you are using Windows then it would be Windows 7 to 10 or above with at least 4GB of RAM. Although you can also install Python 3.11 in the latest Linux variant having 2GB of RAM, with such an operating system you won't get high performance. So, you should choose hardware as per your business computing needs. Around 5GB hard disk space is required to install Python. If you create a virtual environment for Python and install more libraries then you need more space.

Python 3.11 System Requirements

2. Hardware type: Python 3.11 is available for 32-bit, 64-bit and arm-64 CPU architectures. So, you can download the appropriate build of Python for your operating system and CPU architecture. Python 3.11 can run on the Intel and AMD CPUs (x86 64-bit CPU). Python also supports ARM-64 architecture.

Python 3.11 installers

Python 3.11 is available for almost all the operating system and hardware types. Here is the list of Python 3.11 installers available for various operating systems:

  • macOS 64-bit universal2 installer
  • Windows embeddable package (32-bit)
  • Windows embeddable package (64-bit)
  • Windows embeddable package (ARM64)
  • Windows installer (32-bit)
  • Windows installer (64-bit)
  • Windows installer (ARM64)

Python 3.11 can be downloaded from the official website at  Here you will find the installer for your target operating system. For Linux versions it is available as pre-package installers which can be installed with yum (in Centos) and apt (in Ubuntu/Debian) distributions. For the Mac operating system it can be installed with brew. So, it is very easy to install Python 3.11 on your operating systems.

If you have purchased computers in recent years then you will find your system suitable for installing Python 3.11 and running applications developed in Python. For running modern demanding applications or large scale data processing you might need a cloud server or more powerful in-house hardware. But for application development and testing recently purchased desktop computers and laptops are sufficient.

In this section we have explored the system requirements for installing and running Python 3.11. You can read more tutorials at: