Get Variable in PHP Video tutorial

Here you will get the information about how to use the get variable in PHP along-with video tutorial.



In this tutorial you will learn to use GET variable in PHP with the help of a video tutorial that would finally help you learn completely about how to use GET variable in PHP as the tutorial has been described with simple example keeping in mind to make it easy to grasp for the PHP beginners.

To begin with how to use the GET variable in PHP you should know that, basically there are two types of variables in PHP: GET and POST in PHP, which are used to get the information from any form.

To make it easier for you we will use $_GET variable to get the form values in the given example:

First of all, create a form in HTML and write method = GET. Action is = to your page name.

In the next step, create a text field for NAME and AGE and a submit button. Now, close the form method.

Now, in order to get the value of text boxes, start a PHP code block and in an "IF" condition write an "isset" function to check if the variable is set. This will ensure that the variable is not null.

Now, in the next step we can set the $_GET variable to get the text field data.

Once you have set the $_GET variable, you can print the text field values to webpage.

Remember that the name and age is the name of text fields.

Now, let us save and test the code.

For example, let's pass the form values, Name = Arpita and Age = 14 and press submit button.

Now when you see the output, it is displaying both the name and age that have been passed to it. But in addition to that, it is also displaying it into the URL.

However, the GET variable always passes the values to the URL but still with some words limitations.

So, once you are completed with the tutorial you will finally know about how to use GET variable in PHP easily and can use the practical application similarly as shown in the video tutorial.

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Get Variable in PHP Video tutorial

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