What is shopping cart?

Learn What is shopping cart?

What is shopping cart?

What is shopping cart?

In this tutorial we will understand the shopping cart. We will explain you what is a shopping cart? Why it is so popular these days? This guide is very informative for the user's looking for free open source shopping cart software for selling their products online.

What is shopping cart?

Shopping cart is a package software that allows the web store to sale products online. It enables the web users to view the products available for sale, search the products, browse products by category, select few products and finally purchase by making online payment through credit card or banking account. All the above process are secure and usually credit card information is not stored by shopping cart application.

The shopping cart software helps the products companies to sales products to the end users without actually going to the user's location. These days there are many shopping cart software that provides lots of features such as automatic shipping price calculation, inventory management, integration with back office software, easy admin panel and much more.

How a shopping cart works?

A shopping cart software is dynamic web applications, that reads the products stored in database and displays on the website. Presentation of the shopping portal is very important, since it attacks the users and the quality of design might force the user to buy the products.

Following are the components of a shopping cart application:

  • A database to store user information, products information and the sales information.
  • Store front, which a web application developed in any programming language such as PHP, JSP, ASP etc.
  • Administration panel for administration activities. It is also web based and developed using web application programming language

What is Storefront?

Storefront the web view of the web application and it is accessible by a url such http://www.roseindia.net  The storefront helps the user in browning, searching and placing the order. It also allows the user to register, login and see the orders places in past. User can also check the status of the order. The design of storefront is very important in shopping cart and companies are investing lots of money for getting the right design for storefront.

If you are looking for good design for your storefront checkout Shopping Cart design services page.

What is admin panel?

AAdmin panel provides the UI for managing the shopping cart products, price and update the order status. It also provides various reports that shows the performance of your shopping portal. In a good shopping cart application there are many features for easy management of the shopping portal.

Admin portal also allows the admin to update the content of About us, Contact Us, FAQ pages. It also allows the admin to change the email content sent to the users when user gets registered with the website, places an order etc.

Shopping cart is essential for selling products online. It helps the business to quickly setup online shopping site and start selling products online.