Open Source Ajax

The AJAX Toolkit Framework will provide extensible frameworks and exemplary tools for building IDEs (integrated development environments) for the many different AJAX runtime offerings, such as Dojo, Zimbra, etc. in the market, according to the project pro

Open Source Ajax

Source Ajax frameworks for developing cutting edge web 2.0 applications to satisfy your clients. There are many Open Source Ajax frameworks available these days to help the developers in constructing desktop like web applications. Due to this there is a little shift in the website and web application development trend. People are looking for highly interactive and responsive websites. The Open Source Ajax Frameworks has given the ability to develop rich web based enterprise application. Google mail ( gmail) is very good example of ajax based rich application.

What Open Source Ajax Frameworks can do?
There are many things that you can do with Open Source Ajax Frameworks:

  • Display information on the web page without full page refresh
  • Post the form data asynchronously
  • Validate user inputs at server side without form submit
  • Use cool widgets like date picker, nice table, pane, dialog boxes etc. to develop highly interactive user interface
  • In short you can develop web applications similar to desktop applications

The Open Source Ajax Frameworks provides huge advantages in terms of richness and interactivity, your application user will never complain about the application. So, start using Open Source Ajax Frameworks to develop highly interactive enterprise and web applications.

Ajax Tutorials

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Ajax Technologies

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  • What is Ajax?
    Learn the basics to Ajax. This section explains the importance of Ajax in web programming.
  • Role Of Ajax In enhancing User Experience
    AJAX is not a new technology but a combination of several existing technologies in a new way. These include HTML, CSS, DOM, XML, XSLT, XMLHttpRequest and Javascript. The acronym AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. AJAX is based on open standards supported by many browsers and platforms. AJAX is a new paradigm for building web application. 
  • First Ajax Example
    In this section we will create a simple Ajax Application for displaying the current date and time. Date and time information are retrieved from the server side php script.
  • Ajax Example to multiply two values
    In this section we will create an application for multiplication of two numbers. The multiplication are done at server (server side php) program and result is displayed on the client browser.
  • Ajax Login Example
    In this program you will learn  how to validate the user and show alert message if user name or password are not correct.
  • Ajax Registration Program
    In this Ajax Registration  program you will learn  how to validate the user registration through ajax call and then display the alert massage if no values are provided in the username and password fields.



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Open Source Ajax

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