How to download and install MySQL on Windows 10?

In this video tutorial I am teaching you the steps to download the latest version of MySQL and install it on Windows 10 computer.

This video tutorial teaches you to install MySQL latest sever on Windows 10 64 Bit computer. This installer of MySQL server add the service in Windows services that starts the MySQL server at boot time.

First MySQL Server was developed by a company called MySQL AB, this company was founded in 1995. MySQL AB was acquired by by Sun Microsystems in 2008. Later on Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle and currently MySQL Server is with Oracle.

MySQL Server is most used open source database relational database server, source code of this project is  available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

In this video tutorial we are going to learn how to install world's most popular database server on Windows 10 64 Bit computer. The same process applies to the 32Bit System.

I the video you will see the complete installation process, here I am going to write about the important steps of the installation process.

Here is video tutorial "Downloading and installing MySQL on Windows 10":

Here are the steps to download and install MySQL Server on Windows 10:

Step 1: Downloading MySQL Server

To download MySQL Server visit and then select the "MySQL Community Server (GPL)". The follow the screen to download MySQL installer.

Step 2: Select the MySQL Community server

Now click on the download link as shown below:

Step 3: Select the version

Now select 64BIT or 32BIT installer as shown below:

Step 4: Continue download

If you have username and password of MySQL server you can login other wise click on the "No thanks, just start my download." to continue the download as shown below:

Step 5: Start the installer

Double click the installer file and the installer will start downloading the file:

Step 6: Accept license agreement

Now accept the license agreement and then click "Next" as shown below:

Step 7: Choose setup type

Now select the Setup Type and click on "Next" as shown below:

Step 8: System Requirements

Now select the Requirements and then click "Next":

Step 9: Complete the System requirement

If installer asks you click on the "Yes":

Step 10: Start the installation

Now click on the "Execute" button to start the installation:

Step 11: Continue installation

Now click next to continue the installation.

Step 12: Continue installation

Now click next to continue the installation.

Step 13: Continue installation

Now click next to continue the installation.

Step 14: Set MySQL root password

Now set the MySQL password as shown below:

Step 15: Install as service

Now install it as Windows Service so that MySQL starts on the Windows startup.

Step 16: Apply Server configuration

Now installer will apply the server configuration as shown below:

Step 17: Finish installation

Now click "Finish" to finish the installation.

Step 18: Close the installer

Now click on the "Cancel" button to close the installer.

Step 19: Click on Yes button to close the installer

Step 20: Now you should be able to connect to MySQL Server from command line as shown below:

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