Date validation in JSP

This example illustrates how to use date validation in a JSP page. Here in this code we are using JavaScript for validating date in a specified format as "MM/DD/YYYY".

Date validation in JSP

Date validation in JSP


Example for validating date in a specified format in a JSP page

This example illustrates how to use date validation in a JSP page. Here in this code we are using JavaScript for validating date in a specified format as "MM/DD/YYYY". We are using JavaScript for validating JSP at client side so that it will take less time in validation rather than having validation at server side.

We have created a JSP file "DateValidation.jsp", which is doing the whole working for us. If date is not inserted in a correct way then this will display error message using "alert()". Here in this example following numbers of validations are done:

  • The date format should be : MM/DD/YYYY
  • Month should be valid (i.e between 1 to 12)
  • Entered day should be a valid day (i.e between 1 to 31)
  • Please enter a valid 4 digit year between 1900 and 2500
  • For February month special validation is done(i.e if it is a leap year then day 29 is valid and if
    it is not a leap year then 29 days are not valid)
  • If at time of inserting month and day value "04" is written as "4" then it will automatically append
    "0" and then do validation in JavaScript
  • All characters must be numbers.

"DateValidation.jsp" is calling JavaScript's method "ValidateDate()" which is doing the two things. 

First, it is ensuring that input date field must not be empty. Second, date entered by user is valid. If it is not in a given format and according to checks then error message would be displayed and if it is accurate then it will display "Entered date is valid" in "alert()". Full code for "DateValidation.jsp" is given as below:

1. DateValidation.jsp

<%@ page language="java" %>
<head><title>Date Validation in JSP</title>
<script language = "Javascript">
var separator= "/";
var minYear=1900;
var maxYear=2500;

function isInteger(s){
var i;
for (i = 0; i < s.length; i++){ 
// Check that current character is a number or not.
var c = s.charAt(i);
if (((c < "0") || (c > "9"))) return false;
// All characters are numbers.
return true;

function stripCharsInBag(s, bag){
var i;
var returnString = "";
// Search through string's characters one by one.
// If character is not in bag, append to returnString.
for (i = 0; i < s.length; i++){ 
var c = s.charAt(i);
if (bag.indexOf(c) == -1) returnString += c;
return returnString;

function daysInFebruary (year){
// February has 29 days in any year evenly divisible by four,
// EXCEPT for centurial years which are not also divisible by 400.
return (((year % 4 == 0) && ( (!(year % 100 == 0)) || (year % 400 == 0))) ? 29 : 28 );
function DaysArray(n) {
for (var i = 1; i <= n; i++) {
this[i] = 31
if (i==4 || i==6 || i==9 || i==11) {this[i] = 30}
if (i==2) {this[i] = 29}

return this

function isDate(dtStr){
var daysInMonth = DaysArray(12)
var pos1=dtStr.indexOf(separator)
var pos2=dtStr.indexOf(separator,pos1+1)
var strMonth=dtStr.substring(0,pos1)
var strDay=dtStr.substring(pos1+1,pos2)
var strYear=dtStr.substring(pos2+1)
if (strDay.charAt(0)=="0" && strDay.length>1) strDay=strDay.substring(1)
if (strMonth.charAt(0)=="0" && strMonth.length>1) strMonth=strMonth.substring(1)
for (var i = 1; i <= 3; i++) {
if (strYr.charAt(0)=="0" && strYr.length>1) strYr=strYr.substring(1)
if (pos1==-1 || pos2==-1){
alert("The date format should be : MM/DD/YYYY")
return false
if (strMonth.length<1 || month<1 || month>12){
alert("Please enter a valid month")
return false
if (strDay.length<1 || day<1 || day>31 || (month==2 && day>daysInFebruary(year)) || day > daysInMonth[month]){
alert("Please enter a valid day")
return false
if (strYear.length != 4 || year==0 || year<minYear || year>maxYear){
alert("Please enter a valid 4 digit year between "+minYear+" and "+maxYear)
return false
if (dtStr.indexOf(separator,pos2+1)!=-1 || isInteger(stripCharsInBag(dtStr, separator))==false){
alert("Please enter a valid date")
return false
alert("Entered date is valid")
return true

function ValidateDate(){
var dt=document.frm.txtDate
if (isDate(dt.value)==false){
return false
return true
<form name="frm" method="post" onSubmit="return ValidateDate()">
<p>Enter any Date <font color="#CC0000"><b>(MM/DD/YYYY)</b></font> 

<input type="text" name="txtDate" maxlength="10" size="15">
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">

To run this example you have to simply create this "DateValidation.jsp" and run the web server you are using and type the URL "http://localhost:8080/JSPMultipleForms/DateValidation.jsp" in address bar . We have taken the example folder JSPMultipleForms as the application directory but you can take your own as you like.


If user doesn't enter date in a specified manner then it will show error message date format should be MM/DD/YYYY.

If user does not enter year between 1900 and 2500

If user does not insert a valid month

Since February is a month which is having 28 days in month if it is not a leap year and if it a leap year then user can insert '29' 

If entered value is in correct and specified format then it will display message "Entered date is valid"

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