Maven Artifacts and dependency of the top Java libraries

In this section we are introducing you with the maven artifacts and gives you information about the top libraries used in Java.

Maven Artifacts and dependency of the top Java libraries

Maven Artifacts and dependency

The term artifacts is used for the things like jar, war, executable jar files etc. which either produced or used by programs. In case of maven projects jar, war, source code and binary files produces or used by maven project are artifacts.

These days almost all the Java libraries are distributed also in the form of maven artifacts. This eases product development as maven is one of the most used and robust software project management tool.

In Maven artifacts are distribute through online repositories and each artifact is identified by:

Group ID: like org.springframework

Artifact ID: spring-core

Version ID: 5.0.0.M5

All these information are defined in the pom.xml. For example if you want to use above spring module in your project then you should add following in your project's pom.xml file:


Maven Dependency

In maven project if you are to use any of the library then you have add it in the dependencies tag. For example you should include above in the dependencies tag:


This makes project development cycle very easy for developers. Developers can easily change version of libraries if new library comes in the market.

Maven Artifacts and dependency

Top maven dependencies:

  • JUnit
  • Scala Library
  • SLF4J API Module
  • Guava: Google Core Libraries For Java
  • Apache Log4j
  • Clojure
  • Apache Commons IO
  • Logback Classic Module
  • SLF4J LOG4J 12 Binding
  • JavaServlet(TM) Specification


  1. Maven Artifacts and dependency of the top Java libraries
  2. Artifacts of marmalade
  3. Version of marmalade>marmalade-parent dependency
  4. Maven Dependency marmalade-parent >> 1.0-alpha-2
  5. Maven Dependency marmalade-parent >> 1.0-alpha-3-SNAPSHOT
  6. Maven Dependency marmalade-parent >> 1.0-alpha2
  7. Artifacts of org.datanucleus
  8. Version of org.datanucleus>datanucleus-xml dependency
  9. Maven Dependency datanucleus-xml >> 2.1.1
  10. Artifacts of com.nulab-inc
  11. Version of com.nulab-inc>scala-oauth2-core_2.11 dependency
  12. Maven Dependency scala-oauth2-core_2.11 >> 0.16.0
  13. Maven Dependency scala-oauth2-core_2.11 >> 0.16.1
  14. Artifacts of org.quartz-scheduler
  15. Version of org.quartz-scheduler>quartz-parent dependency
  16. Maven Dependency quartz-parent >> 1.7.0
  17. Artifacts of velocity-tools
  18. Version of velocity-tools>velocity-tools-view dependency
  19. Maven Dependency velocity-tools-view >> 1.2
  20. Artifacts of HTTPClient
  21. Version of HTTPClient>HTTPClient dependency
  22. Maven Dependency HTTPClient >> 0.3-3
  23. Artifacts of abbot
  24. Version of abbot>abbot dependency
  25. Maven Dependency abbot >> 0.12.3
  26. Maven Dependency abbot >> 0.13.0
  27. Maven Dependency abbot >> 1.4.0
  28. Version of abbot>costello dependency
  29. Maven Dependency costello >> 1.4.0
  30. Artifacts of acegisecurity
  31. Version of acegisecurity>acegi-security dependency
  32. Maven Dependency acegi-security >> 0.5
  33. Maven Dependency acegi-security >> 0.51
  34. Maven Dependency acegi-security >> 0.6.1
  35. Maven Dependency acegi-security >> 0.7.0
  36. Maven Dependency acegi-security >> 0.7.1
  37. Maven Dependency acegi-security >> 0.8.0
  38. Maven Dependency acegi-security >> 0.8.1
  39. Maven Dependency acegi-security >>
  40. Maven Dependency acegi-security >> 0.8.2