Convert Maven project to Eclipse Web Project

Often it is require to convert the previously developed Maven web project to Eclipse web project, learn how convert the maven project into Eclipse Web project.

Step by Step process of converting a maven web project into Eclipse Web Project and then testing in Eclipse.

This tutorial teaches you to convert an existing maven based web application project to Eclipse web project so that it can be developed and tested from the Eclipse tool. After converting the Eclipse based Web application you be able to use the Maven features from the Eclipse IDE.

So, its good idea to convert the existing maven based web application into Eclipse web project and then uses the Eclipse for development and testing of the application.

In the Eclipse you will be use the features of Maven for dependency management and Eclipse for development of application. Thanks to the Eclipse Maven plugins that now comes with the Eclipse which makes the development process much easier.

To convert the existing maven project into Eclipse Web project open the command prompt and go to root directory of your project and issue the following command:

mvn eclipse:eclipse -Dwtpversion=2.0

After running the above command you can import the project in the Eclipse workspace.

Following video teaches you how to convert the maven project into Eclipse web project:

Here is the video tutorial of "Convert Maven project to Eclipse Web Project":

Eclipse and Maven provides good development environment for developing the Java based applications.

Step 1: Extract the maven project which you want to import in Eclipse workspace if it is in the zip format.

Step 2: Go the directory where pom.xml of the project is present and then issue the following command to convert the project into Maven project to Eclipse Web project:

mvn eclipse:eclipse -Dwtpversion=2.0

Here is the screen shot from video tutorial:

Convert Maven project to Eclipse project

Step 3: Open the Eclipse IDE and the click on File -> Import and following window will appear

Import Existing Project into Workspace

Step 4: Enter the path of the project and click on "Finish" button as shown below:

Import maven project into Eclipse

Step 5: Now project will open in the Eclipse and you can run the project form the Eclipse

In this video you have learned how to import maven web application as Eclipse Web project in Eclipse IDE and then run the application in Eclipse.

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