Re-installing Mac OS X on Mac Book Pro by formatting the Hard Disk

If you are using your Mac Book pro and due to some reason it is working slow. And you want to format the disk and install the Mac OS X freshly on your system. Then this tutorial is for you. You should first take the backup of your data before proceeding.



This video tutorial will teach you the process of formating the hardisk and then reinstalling the Mac OS X on your Mac Book Pro.

Sometimes you need to reinstallMac OS X on your Mac Book pro due to certain reasons and often it looks a tedious task but it is actually not so. You can reinstall your Mac Book pro easily by following simple steps without loosing your data.

Mac book pro

In this video tutorial you will learn how to erase the data in Mac OS X and Mac Book pro. Moreover, this video tutorial will also teach you how to re-install Mac OS X on you Mac Book Pro.

The first and foremost thing before deleting your data from your Mac Book Pro that is to be kept in mind is you should take backup of your entire data to keep your important data intact.

Once you have got your backup, insert your Mac book pro CD or DVD into you system. It you show you the file folder of the CD.

Max Pro CD

Now, click on the Mac OS X utitilities.

Mac OS x utilities

Double Click on the Installing Icon. It show you the restart option.

Select view and choose the language as English.


Now, click Next Button.

In the next step, click on the utility button of ?Menubar?.

You will see a sub menu list, from where choose the ?Disk utility?.

Disk utility

After clicking on disk utility, you will see the hard disk details. Choose your Mac OS X pro. It will ask you to Erase the data from the hard disk. Then, Click on the Hard Disk Icon. It will erase your data from you hard disks. Now close the utility.

It will ask you to continue the Mac OS X installation. Click on the continue button. Again it shows you the Hard Disk Icon. Choose the Hard Disk and you will se two Button in a small window. Here you click on the Install. Now the process of installation begins and Mac OS X pro gets successfully installed in your Mac book pro.

installation of Mac OS X

After completion it will ask for Restart. Click on the restart button.

restart of system

Now you need to connect your Mac Book Pro with internet to advance to further process.

You will now get the option to select your country. Choose you country name. For example, here I have selected "India" as my country.

Country zone

Select you keyboard layout and choose the continue button.( As I have selected US as my keyword preferences.)


Then, it will ask you ?Do you already Own a Mac??. Choose the appropriate option and select the continue button.


You will now need to enter your Apple Id and Password to move further. Enter your password and click on the continue button.

Apple ID

Then the Registration information format will open. Fill the details of the registration form and click on the continue button.

Register form

This will show you to create account open form and fill the details of the required information. Choose the continue button.

Upload your Picture or take a snapshot. Click on the continue button.

take picture

It takes you to the Time zone Section. Choose your appropriate time zone and click the continue button.

Country zone

Then you will proceed to the Date and Time section and set you Date and time. Then click on the continue button.

date & time zone

Now select the Done Button.

installtion o/s

Now you are re-installing the Mac OS X on you Mac Book pro system. This video tutorial shows you step by step process of how to re-install the Mac OS X on your system.


Hence, by following the steps accordingly you can easily install Mac OS X on your Mac Book Pro without facing any problem in simple steps.

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Re-installing Mac OS X on Mac Book Pro by formatting the Hard Disk

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