Linux Installation Process

Linux can be install from CD/DVD available in the market or downloaded from the iso-image of Linux distribution

Linux Installation Process


Linux can be install from CD/DVD available in the market or  downloaded from the iso-image of  Linux distribution. But the mostly Linux is Installed by booting the system from the CD/DVD. These CDs can be purchased from various Linux vendors depending upon the requirement of  the user's necessities.

Before installing Linux Server/ Desktop Operating System, you must be aware of the getting preparation before installing it  There are many steps begins before installing any Linux distribution. Here are some common steps written about generic installation, which is mostly common for  most of the Linux distribution.  


As it is earlier mentioned that Linux is a free open source software and all the included software charges no fee except those additional software that are installed later. Linux is distributed under GNU (General Public License) that's not allowed to sell the License for the Software. Linux has more than three hundred distributions that are versatile from one another. 

So the users have extra advantage to use their  required Linux distribution along with their needed additional paid software. Generally Linux is installed from the CDs that is available in the market or can be get directly from the various Linux vendors. Each vendor has one or more Linux distribution. You can purchase it from them. Linux  can also be installed by downloading Linux  iso-mirror image from Internet. Many times you can get some  more additional software package along with Linux by downloading it  from their FTP site. 

Here we are giving some information regarding what are the common requirement needed for installing Linux on the 9x computer. The common preparation and procedures are:

  •  Planning;
  •  Gathering system hardware information;
  •  Backing up your old system (optional, but strongly recommended);
  •  Preparing Linux partitions;
  •  Deciding on a boot loader (for dual boot systems);
  •  Booting a Linux kernel;
  •  Installing the kernel;
  •  Choosing and installing software packages;
  •  Loading the software;
  •  Making final configuration adjustments; and
  •  Rebooting into a running system. 

These are the common criteria being used for  installing Linux. 


If you are thinking to get the advantages of  Linux, prepare yourself and your system simultaneously. You have to gain the basic knowledge from the appropriate sources and prepare your system according to your requirement. First check list your computer hardware configuration. The minimum hardware requirement is already mentioned in the hardware section. Try to get nearest configuration about the recommended hardware requirement for getting best results. For getting help, you can consult the hardware engineer or hardware company's website. 

The detail instructions are given in this website. Go through this website. For getting detail about how to install any Linux distribution visit:

: http//

In this website You will learn the detail description about how to install Fedora Core 6. Fedora Core 6 is one of  the distribution of  Linux.