Fedora Core 6 Guide, Installing Fedora Core6

This tutorial provides you step-by-step installation information of Fedora Core 6 from CD-ROM.




Fedora Core 6 works better if it get the right configuration of hardware along with right software needed for installing Fedora Core 6 on the desktop. RoseIndia.net provides you the right software in the 5CDs form for installing and using Fedora Core 6.  In this Fedora Core 6 installation tutorial you will learn how to install fedora 6 along with Java, Java Development environment on your very fast system.

  1. System Requirement 
    Fedora Core 6 supports the x86, x86_64 and PowerPC platforms. We have used P-IV 2.8 GHz with 256 MB RAM with 160 GB of hard disk space for installation of fedora Core 6 along with open source software such as Java, Apache, MySQL, FTP etc.. 
  2. Getting Fedora Core 6 Software
    You can get the Fedora software by downloading from any distribution mirrors. Fedora Core 6 software is also available in the market in the form of DVDs and CDs. You can also be buy it. RoseIndia.net also have the CDs of   Fedora Core 6 in India. For detail visit: www.RoseIndia.net/Linux
  3. Producing and Checking Fedora Core 6 CDs
    In this section you will learn how to check Fedora Core 6 software in burnt CDs. You will also learn the process of  burning CDs from Windows explorer and from command prompt both..                                                                                         http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/install-guide/fc6/en/ch-preparing-media.html 
  4. Installing Fedora Core 6
    In this section, you will learn how to install Fedora Core 6 based server along with open source software. 
    a) Testing Media
    b) Beginning the installation process
    c) The Language selection
    d) Setting the Keyboard Configuration
    e) Partitioning the Hard disk 
    f) Setting up the Network 
    g) Selection of Time Zone

    h) Setting up Root Password

    i) About to install

    j) The Completion of  installation

    k) The First Boot

    l) The appearance of  Welcome Window

    m) The  License Window

    n) Setting the Configuration

    o) Date and Time Setting

    p) Setting up Sound Card

    q) Display Desktop Window

    r) Operating Applications Software

    s) Shutting Down Fedora Core 6



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Fedora Core 6 Guide, Installing Fedora Core6

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