Java EE 8 Takes Off


Java EE 8 Takes Off

The Java Community Process (JCP) team has started the development of next generation JEE 8.

The Java Community Process (JCP) team has started the development of next generation JEE 8.

Java EE 8 the next generation application development platform is starting

The Java Community Process (JCP) is now started their work for the development of next generation enterprise application development platform Java EE 8. JCP team is no featuring out the features to be added to the Java EE 8 and this is started within one year of the release of Java EE 8 platform which was a great success.

You can find the latest development about Java EE 8 at JSR 366 (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 8 (Java EE 8) Specification). Here in this article I am briefing out the major features of the Java EE 8.

This release of Java EE 8 is supposed to have the top features for developing the today's demanding applications. This release will be build upon the Java EE 7, which was a very successful platform released last year. The Java EE 8 will have many new functionality and lost of features.

Here are the main features of the upcoming Java EE 8:

Latest Web Standards Support:

The Java EE8 will be providing the support for the technologies of the latest web development and will include the support for the latest web standards. This release of Java EE will provide support for HTML5 server-sent events, standardized binding between JSON text and Java objects. Other important standards includes HTTP/2 support, action-based MVC support and there will be updates to Java API for WebSocket and JSON Processing. These changes are good for developers of enterprise applications.

The features like HTTP/2, action-based MVC and JSON Binding are the big additions to the Java EE and it is filed as separate JSRs.

Simplification of the programming model by CDI alignment

Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE (CDI) is one of several Java EE features which provides the ability of Contexts and Dependency injection in any Java EE based application. Now it is set to further simplified in the upcoming Java EE 8 platform.

Cloud Support

With the release of Java EE 7 the support for the cloud was added. This release will provide enhancements and it will have support for flexible configuration of applications. It supports multi-tenancy and simplified security.

Java SE 8 Features support

Java EE 8 will use the new features of the Java SE 8 and developers will be able to use all these features with the Java EE 8. New features of the Java SE 8 are  repeating annotations, lambda expressions, the Date/Time API, type annotations, and Compatible Futures. The components of the Java EE 8 will use all these new features.

Here are the list of JSRs filed towards the development of Java EE8:

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