Java 8 expected release date

JDK 8 is expected to be released on 18 March 2014 with many new features and support for multi core application development. It will also provide support for the cloud development.

Java 8 expected to be release on 18th, March 2014

Get ready for the latest version of Java 8, as Java 8 is expected to be released on 18th March 2014. There are many new features of Java 8 which makes it ideal platform for enterprise cloud based applications. You can also develop applications that can use the multi-core cpus.

The planned date for the release of JDK 8 ( Java development Kit 8) is 18th March 2014. The JDK 8 will be released which includes the support for the Lambda expression, which is the most significant feature.

Its also a high time for the developers to think about migrating your application to JDK 8. You can use the latest features of JDK 8 and make your applications to use the power of latest CPU's.

You can think about the migration plan of your project and based on the project size you can migrate your project to JDK 8 within few months to a year time. It is also a good news that the security bug of the Java is fixed and you can use the Java 8 for your critical applications.

Java 8 release date

The Oracle JDK 8 release manager, Mathias Axelsson, posted in the Java mailing list that the they are going to release JDK 8 on 18th March 2014. In this release "show stopper bugs" will be fixed. Other bugs will be fixed in the future releases of JDK 8. JDK 8 development team is working hard to fix the bugs. The JDK 8 release candidate built might be released on January 23.

The JDK 8 is the next release of Java Platform Stand Edition which is even more powerful and filled with many new features. The Java 8 is the part of Java Platform, Standard edition, and his version of JDK is set to have the most exciting features such as Project Lambda, to boost multicore programming capabilities.

JDK 8 major features includes:

  • Lambda Expressions and the Virtual Extension Methods support in Java 8
  • Autoconf-Based Build System is introduced in the JDK 8
  • The Lambda-Form Representation for Method Handles
  • Nashorn JavaScript Engine is also included in the JDK 8
  • JDBC 4.2
  • Unicode 6.2
  • HTTP URL Permissions
  • JAXP 1.5: Restrict Fetching of External Resources
  •  BCP 47 Locale Matching

JDK 8 includes many other features and enhancements.

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