How to calculate area of rectangle

In this section we will learn how to calculate area of rectangle.

How to Calculate Area of Rectangle


In this section we will learn how to calculate area of rectangle. The area of rectangle is specifies an area in a coordinate space that is enclosed by the rectangle object. In the program coordinate of space its length and breadth. A rectangle area are define in the public static fileds. This program also provide the implementation of rectangle values and illustration with the complete java source code.

Description of this program

In this program explain the static method how to display the rectangle values. First of all we have to define class name "StaticVariable". We are going to define one rectangle method which takes two parameters of type integer. To calculate the area of the rectangle define one method calculate which will calculate the area of the rectangle. Now inside the main method create object of class StaticVariables. To initialize the value of length and breadth call the rectangle method inside main method. The area will be calculated by calling the calculate method inside the main method by using the StaticVariable object that is staticVariables. This method will  return an integer type value, and the area of  the rectangle will be displayed by using the println() method of the System class.

Here is the code of this program

class StaticVariables 
  public static int length;
  public static int breadth;

  public void rectangle(int length, int breadth)
  this.length = length;
  this.breadth = breadth;
  public int calculate()
  public static void main(String[] args
  StaticVariables staticVariables = new StaticVariables();
  int i = staticVariables.calculate();
  System.out.println("The area is " + i);

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How to calculate area of rectangle

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August 28, 2011
program output

please give the output of the rectangle program
May 15, 2012