Learn Java in 24 hours

Learning Java programming language is very simple especially for developers and programmers having knowledge of C, C++. They can have a basic idea for Java language within 24 hours as Java is based on C and C++ language.

Learning Java programming language is very simple especially for developers and programmers having knowledge of C, C++. They can have a basic idea for Java language within 24 hours as Java is based on C and C++ language. Most of the syntax of Java are similar to that of C and C++ so developers don't find it hard to code in Java language.

RoseIndia brings you a quick Java guide that will help you go through the simple core java coding and details that will help you understand the concepts behind Java class, method, keyword, function, etc. The course is designed with the help of Java Videos, Java examples, Java tutorials and Java description.

The course start with explaining developers about Java and its usage, features of Java, then it helps them to download and install JDK (Java Development Kit), install IDE and then help them create their first Hello World program. It also provides you various simple example around array list, linked list, adding two numbers, wrapper class, etc. so that you can get to know how the methods and keywords are used in a program.

Along with chapters explaining about everything in Java, RoseIndia also provides Java Videos where a developer can virtually see how a program is made, run and debugged. Java experts create these Java Videos with voice over so young developers find it easy to understand the example.

To learn Java in 24 hours, you must clear your concepts about how programming is done in this language.

What is Java?

In this section we will inform developers about Java programming language and how it is different from other object oriented language like C, C++. Java is an open source language that works on almost all platform and operating systems. Java is based on class, method and objects.

What is programming?

Programming or coding is a set of instructions that are used by operating systems to execute a particular task.

Oops Concept

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language as it follows OOPs concepts of Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. Programs are created around objects and data.

Download JDK

In this section we will help developers and programmers to download Java Development Kit (JDK). JDK includes Java compiler, debugger and other tools that are necessary to develop Java based applications.

Hello world (First java program)

Here the programmer will learn to create his/her first Hello World program in Java.

Understanding Hello World Java Program

In this section we will clear your concept about Java programming by explaining in details about the firts Hello World program you have create by explaining the meaning of public, class, main, String[] args, System.out, etc.

Java Keywords

Every program in Java requires keywords. In this section we will discuss various keywords that are used in Java programming. Keywords like abstract, assert, boolean, byte, catch, char, double, enum, etc that are used in the programming have been explained here.

Java Data Types

In this section we will explain Java Data types. They are set of permitted values on which the legal operations can be performed.


Instance variable, Class Variable, Local variable and parameters declared in Java refers to the memory location that holds values.


In this section we will discuss about Java class and how to declare them. Java class is like a group with same properties and methods. The concept and structure of a class in Java is explained here.


Applets are Java program that run on almost all web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. Java Applets are used to make the web site more dynamic and entertaining. Applets can run on any platform and work on all version of Java Plugins.


Java compiler compiles the program we have written into byte code. This converted byte codes are again converted into machine readable code by Java Interpreter. the file name must remain similar to the class name when you save the file.


Java Interpreter converts the byte code into machine readable format. It is required in every operating system, only then a Java program can run on it. Interpreter implements JVM and runs Java applications.


Java debugger denoted as jdb debugs the program. In this section we will discuss how it works.


In this section we have explained about the concept of Array in Java.

Add Two Numbers in Java

This simple Java example tells you of how to add two numbers. We will also discuss about the use of Integer.parseint which converts string types into integer and printin() function that prints final answer on the console.

Java Control Statements

In this section we have provided information about Control Statements in Java. Here we will discuss how each control statement is implemented and executed.

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Learn Java in 24 hours

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