Hardware and Software requirements for Java

This article describes you the basic Hardware and Software requirements for installing a Java development environment on your computer.

Hardware and Software requirements for Java

In this article we have discussed about all the Hardware and Software configurations, which is required to develop applications in Java. This article is designed for the Java beginners. After going through the article you will be able to download and Install a Java development environment on your computer.

If you have passion to learn Java programming and you wants to write and test your own Java codes, then first of all you will required to download a Java environment on your computer. Here we have bring you some of the essential hardware and software configuration environment which is required with any operating system.

Hardware Requirement for Java

Minimum hardware requirement to download Java on your Windows operating system as follows:

  • Minimum Windows 95 software
  • IBM-compatible 486 system
  • Hard Drive and Minimum of 8 MB memory
  • A CD-ROM drive
  •  Mouse, keyboard and sound card, if required

Software requirement for Java

Nowadays, Java is supported by almost every operating systems. whether it is a Windows, Macintosh and Unix all supports the Java application development. So you can download any of the operating system on your personal computer. Here are the minimum requirement.

  • Operating System
  • Java SDK or JRE 1.6 or higher
  • Java Servlet Container (Free Servlet Container available)
  • Supported Database and library that supports the database connection with Java.