iPhone Advantages and Disadvantages

When the iPhone was initially launched in 2007 it was easily the most advanced touch screen smartphone around. And with the iPhone 3G, Apple Inc had a clear winner in its hands.

iPhone Advantages and Disadvantages

iPhone Advantages and Disadvantages


iPhone 3G Vs others: iPhone 3G Advantages and Disadvantages

When the iPhone was initially launched in 2007 it was easily the most advanced touch screen smartphone around. And with the iPhone 3G, Apple Inc had a clear winner in its hands. However since then many companies have launched their own iPhone versions like the Samsung Omnia, Sony Ericsson Xperia, HTC Touch, Blackberry Pearl, Nokia N97 and so on. This has made for an interesting multi-cornered fight between these top contenders, hence we bring this short but easy comparison guide between the iPhone and the rest making it easier for you to understand the iPhone 3G's core strengths as a niche smartphone.

Top iPhone 3G advantages:

Multi Touch Screen: The iPhone 3G is all touch and no buttons. Isn't that amazing? You can navigate all onscreen controls including the slider with your fingers. Zoom in and out at the press of your fingertips. No stick required.

Accelerometer: The quick-reaction accelerometer switches the screen resolution to portrait or landscape automatically the moment you twist the phone sideways. A truly great feature for gamers. No wonder the iPhone 3G has already become one of the hottest mobile gaming devices beating even dedicated hand-held devices like Nintendo and Sony PSP.

Great Sound Quality: Apple bundled the iPod with the iPhone and the result is amazing. Not only is the audio playback simply symphonic the sound quality during calls is also crystal clear.

Ergonomic Design: Not only is the iPhone trendy looking its thoughtful design ensures that it fits into your palms snugly. The iPhone also has good build quality with nice durable plastics.

Lightening Quick: High Speed 3G and Wi-Fi open a world of opportunities for you. The real icing is the superb Safari browser that gives you a PC like net experience. The sites optimised for the iPhone are even more pleasurable.

Good GPS Navigation: The bundled GPS locator together with Google Maps gives you simple and easy directions on the move. Also the iPhone app store features some great GPS apps for download.

Easy Networking and Synchronisation: Though the iPhone 3G lacks instant messaging and MMS it does provide multiple email support including Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc. and real time synchronisation using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync service. No wonder the iPhone is also a good business smartphone.

Auto Spell Checker: Apple included a thoughtful feature with its iPhone with the auto spell checker that automatically corrects any spelling errors while you type. Apart from this the smart keyboard automatically changes its button placement to support 21 languages.

Widget support: User's can use different widgets to enhance their iPhone experience depending on their choice. The advantage is the consistent look and feel across all iPhone widgets available on the App store.

Multiple Action options: Whenever your iPhone displays content, simultaneously an action bar at the bottom displays additional action options like restaurant address, traffic and weather conditions and so on. Very thoughtful feature indeed.

Great Media: Integrated You Tube, iPod, iTunes combo makes the iPhone multimedia experience simply outstanding. No competition on this front.

Gaming: With ultra wide 3.5-inch screen and high-resolution display combined with high speed 3G and WiFi and multi touch gameplay options the iPhone is truly the ultimate mobile gaming device.

Now that we have listed the outstanding iPhone advantages lets also list some of the iPhone 3G disadvantages or flip sides:

No MMS and Instant Messaging: What prompted Steve Jobs and his team to omit this basic but popular feature is a real mystery. After all who doesn't like to send and receive pics via MMS.

Missing Expandable Memory: The iPhone 3G comes in two variants, 8 and 16 GB inbuilt memory. That's fine. But why omit external memory card option Mr Apple?

Non-Detachable Battery: Another instance of Apple's idiosyncrasies is the non-removable battery.

Limited Service Provider options: The iPhone doesn't let you choose your own isp, rather it is sold through certain Mobile Service Provider's (MSP) only. Hence the thriving unlocking market. Now, if only we could have selected our own MSP and services for the iPhone, wouldn't it be far more convenient and cheaper?