Hibernate Interview Questions - What is Hibernate Framework?

Interview question what is Hibernate framework? Hibernate is ORM framework in Java programming language.



Interviewer might ask this question just to guess how much you know about the Hibernate Framework. Should tell about the Hibernate framework, its features in brief and the current version of the Hibernate framework.

What is Hibernate Framework?

The Hibernate Framework is open source, Java based ORM framework for persisting the Java objects in the Java programming language. Hibernate is a set of object relational library in Java for mapping the object-relational domain model to the relational database.

Hibernate ORM tool is used to map the application domain model objects with the relational database tables. Hibernate provides the API for persisting the state of the application domain objects to the relational database (tables). It also loads the relational database data into the applications domain model objects.

The main feature of the Hibernate is that it provides the facility to map Java classes to the database tables. The core component of the Hibernate framework handles this job.

Features of the Hibernate framework

  • Maps Java objects to the relational database table
  • Popular and open source ORM solution in Java
  • Hides the complexity of the JDBC from the programmers and automatically generates the SQL statements in runtime. It also executes the SQL statements and handles the result processing
  • It provides the API for performing the CRUD operations. CRUD operation stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete operations on the database.
  • Support for primary and secondary level cache
  • Third party Secondary level cache implementation is also supported
  • It can be used as the persistence provider in the JPA based applications

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