Hibernate 6 Tutorial

Hibernate 6 is powerful ORM tool with latest innovation and comes with the API for the development of today's demanding applications. Hibernate 6 tutorial will teach you Hibernate from beginning.

Hibernate 6 Tutorial

Hibernate 6 Tutorial - Learn and master Hibernate 6 from beginning

Hibernate is powerful ORM tool in Java for writing the data access layer for complex applications. It allows the developers to quickly and efficiently develop the data access layer for your applications. Hibernate can be used to develop data access layer for a small as well as very complex application. Hibernate 6 is release with many innovations, new features and many features innovations. Developers are advised to upgrade your application to use Hibernate 6 if your application is running on the lower version of Hibernate. In this section we will learn Hibernate 6 from beginning and learn it through many hands on example code. Our Hibernate 6 tutorial will help you master Hibernate 6 from scratch. So, lets get started with our Hibernate 6 tutorials.

Hibernate 6.0.0.Beta1 was released on October 11, 2021 and the final production ready version of Hibernate 6 is released on 2022-03-31. Hibernate ORM 6.0.0.Final  is the first production ready version of Hibernate and developers are advised to move their application to Hibernate 6.

In this tutorial we are covering most of the Hibernate 6 topics which help novice and experienced programmers in learning this release of very popular ORM tool in Java.

Hibernate 6 Tutorials

Glimpses of Features of Hibernate 6

Hibernate 6 comes with the improvements to APIs and SPIs, which is further improvements to the Hibernate framework. Due to the legal issues javax.persistence package has been changes to jakarta.persistence. The Read-by-position features of Hibernate 6 improve the performance of the applications developed in Hibernate 6.

In Hibernate 6 6.0 the annotations are designed with type-safety in mind and now it is leveraging the annotations in better way, which makes use of annotations more beneficial. Further the mapping of embeddables has also changed in the Hibernate version 6 and now it also supports constructor injection.

In the Query API Parameter binding, Session#createSelectionQuery, Session#createMutationQuery and other changes are also added in the Hibernate 6.0 framework. Finally there are many other changes and update in Hibernate 6.

Hibernate 6 Tutorial

Here are the tutorials of Hibernate 6: