Guest Posting Tutorial - Getting Started with Guest Posting


Guest Posting Tutorial - Getting Started with Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the most popular legitimate SEO techniques for popularizing your website and getting more traffic.

Guest Posting is one of the most popular legitimate SEO techniques for popularizing your website and getting more traffic.

Guest Posting Tutorial - Complete Tutorial of Guest Posting and Guest Blogging

In this section we are going to provide you with a complete tutorial of Guest Posting or Guest Blogging. We will keep updating our tutorials to keep track of changes and updates in the SEO world, to track the recent update in Guest Blogging. Guest Posting is also known as Guest Blogging and these two terms are used interchangeably.

What is guest blogging/guest posting?

Guest blogging is also known as guest posting and these terms are used interchangeably. Guest posting is a widely accepted SEO technique which involves the steps of writing the content and contributing it to another person's blog. Through guest posting you build relationships with other related websites which gives more exposure, authority, and backlinks to your website.

Guest Posting Tutorial

Backlinks to the websites are a very important factor in getting higher ranking in the search results of search engines such as Google and Bing. According to the search engines, popularising your website among the Internet should be the primary objective of the guest posting. So, the guest posts or guest blogging will popularise your website among the Internet users. The secondary objective is to get the quality backlinks to your website which will boost your ranking in the search engine search results.

Guest blogging is a very important technique for establishing new relationships with the website hosting your post. This increases the audience base and gets the exposure from the website who posted your blog. This also established authority among the new audiences and getting more traffic to your website. You may get links from the post content or from the Author profile box based on the terms of the guest posting website.

Benefits of Guest posts to the Bloggers

Guest blogging is beneficial both for the users and the guest blogging websites. Existing high traffic websites are interested in publishing the fresh and updated contents on their websites, but usually they are not able to manage large amounts of updated content from their internal team. In such cases they are interested in getting high-quality content from the experts.

Through guest posting, bloggers get high-quality contents, while website owners get visibility and backlinks. So, this is a win-win situation for bloggers and the website owners. Moreover guest posting/blogging is legitimate SEO techniques.

What are the steps of guest posting?

Now we will see the steps of creating and posting your first guest post. You have to learn the steps for creating content for your post, find the website, contact the owner of the website, ask them for publishing your content, send the content to them and finally get it posted on the host website.

Here are the steps of getting your guest post published:

1. Define your goal

First of all, you should define your goal of releasing guest posts on other websites. Your goal could be a) Increasing your website authority, b) driving more traffic to your website or c) Getting more backlinks to your website. With guest posting you can achieve all these.

2. Selecting Niche and topic

Based on the niche and the existing articles you can select the topics to write. You should select the latest trending topics for your post.

3. Finding the targeted blog

Finding a targeted blog and contacting them is a little time consuming process. For this you have to spend time and build contact with the existing bloggers. You may also go for the instant approval of guest posting blogs accepting guest posts on the paid basis if you are in a hurry.

You can also search on Google to find out bloggers/websites accepting guest posts. Many premium websites are accepting paid guest posts, but there many other small websites on the internet accepting guest posts free of cost.

Here are the terms that you can search on the Google Search engine:

"Your Keyword" + "Guest Posts" or "Guest Blogging" or +"Write for us" or + "Paid Guest Post" or + "Guest post by" or + "Share post" etc..

There are unlimited keywords that you can use to search for the websites accepting guest posts or guest blogs free or on the paid basis. This way you can find a large number of websites accepting the guest posts.

4. Contact the targeted blogger with your article summary

Now you should get the contact details of the web site owner and contact them by sending the articles top/summary. You can request them to publish your guest post on their website. After contacting many bloggers you may get replies from some of them. After getting the reply you follow up and send your article for publishing. This might take some time and many bloggers will be happy to post your content. This way you can get your first guest post published on the blogger website.