Which language should you learn Java or .NET?

Most of the young developers today are confused about which language to choose Java or .NET considering the future prospects and jobs in the field.

Which language should you learn Java or .NET?

If you are confused about which language should you learn Java or .NET, well, here is a simple description of both the languages and also the types of jobs which you can get after learning them.

First let’s explain Java:

Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language developed by the Sun Microsystems. It is a platform independent and secure technology that is used for network computing.

Most of the computers, smartphones, game consoles, Blu-Ray players, etc. have Java technology in their core. It is believed that around 1.1 billion desktops around the world run Java. Today around 3 million cell phones run Java.

Even though Android and iOS are famous, it is Java based phone that are sold more throughout the world.

Java uses Java APIs and Java class libraries to develop program that can run on any platform. To run Java, a computer or machine must have Java Virtual Machines (JVM) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Java has Just In Time compilation. It is Platform independent and supports a Connected Architecture

Java is a class based language that let application developer "Write Once Run Anywhere" (WORA).

Most of the e-commerce companies today throughout the world use Java as their prime programming language. Google, Amazon, e-Bay, etc. use Java extensively. Hence the scope for a Java developer is plenty. After learning the language one can get into any software or e-commerce company and climb his/her way up the ladder.

Since Java is a vast language and continues to grow (being open source), the learning phase never ends.

Once you have learned basic Java, the jobs that you can get will include responsibilities like:

  • Defining site objectives by analyzing user requirements
  • Designing and developing user interfaces to internet/intranet applications
  • Designing and conducting tests
  • Integrating applications by designing database architecture and server scripting
  • Studying and establishing connectivity with network systems, search engines, and information servers
  • Creating multimedia applications by using authoring tools

About .Net:

.NET framework is developed by Microsoft Corporation and is used to develop software and application on client server.

.NET framework is mostly used to design, create and run applications on Windows-based machines.

Although .NET provides mono to create cross platform applications, it is generally aimed for Windows.

It requires coded solutions and a virtual machine for their implementation.

.NET is language independent, which means a developer can compile a program in other language and make it .Net executable.

.NET has AOT or Ahead of Time Compilation and supports a Disconnected Architecture.

.NET Framework has Common Language Runtime (CLR) and class library.

.NET Framework has Common Type System (CTS) that defines all possible data types and programming constructs.

Once you have learned.net, the jobs that you can get will include responsibilities like:

  • Designing, developing and implementing applications which provide solutions to business problems.
  • Developing web applications using the .NET programming components
  • Consulting and building applications to client specifications
  • Evaluating the performance of an application
  • Testing and implementing all software solutions
  • Customize and Debug web applications