Openmake Meister For Java

OpenMake Meister for Java is the ultimate build management tool for dynamically defining and executing Java Jar and Eclipse Plug-in builds.

Openmake Meister For Java


Master Building Accurate Java Jars and Eclipse Plug-ins

OpenMake Meister for Java is the ultimate build management tool for dynamically defining and executing Java Jar and Eclipse Plug-in builds. Meister helps you master your Java Jar builds, delivering faster, more accurate builds with improved software quality. Meister puts more control in the hands of your organization ? from developers to release teams ? by giving them the critical build management information they need, on-demand. 

Key Benefits:

* Adaptable and dynamic Java Jar builds enabling fast response to build changes.
* Performs Uniform Java Jar Builds across multiple Projects.
* Enables Java Jar and Eclipse Plug-in development build Best Practices and Project Management
* Exposes build forensics that link a production binary back to its development origins, with or without Source Code Management.
* Advanced support of lean development techniques such as agile development and continuous integration.
* On demand access to critical build-to-release information via the centralized, community developed knowledge base.
* Deep Integration with Eclipse IDE eliminating the need to convert existing Ant or Maven scripts.

Meister's Build Services Delivers Lean, Adaptable, Continuous Builds

OpenMake Meister for Java 7.0 is the perfect solution for Java Jar and Eclipse Plug-in developers working in lean, adaptive environments. Being able to respond quickly to changes while eliminating redundancy is what Meister for Java is all about. With Meister Build Services, software engineers have the option to cut cost and speed up development cycles by consolidating build scripts into standardized, reusable Build Methods. Tasks that normally require re-visiting multiple scripts, such as code and package re-factoring, are simplified as the details of these changes are automatically updated. 

Meister's Build Methods Enables Build Best Practices

Meister for Java's Build Methods enables build management best practices by defining standard procedures for calling the Java Jar compiler. Build Methods are based on PERL and can be developed using Meister for Java's rich library of reusable PERL modules that perform common tasks such as generating a build.xml file. Build Methods enables you to write reusable build.xml files, minimizing the redundancies normally found in ad hoc build scripts. Build Methods enable build best practices and enforce standard procedures in every java jar build you execute.

Meister's Build Forensics Manages Built Objects, Jars and Eclipse Plug-in Versions

Meister for Java provides the deep dependency discovery needed for exposing the artifacts used to create your Jar file. Even when components are NOT stored in a version control tool, Meister for Java will provide the precise location of where all source, class and jar files were found to create the binary. When an application failure occurs, you need to trace the source of the offending event, similar to using fingerprints and DNA to track down the suspect of a crime. With Meister for Java's advanced dependency discovery and reporting, every item used to create the binary is stored in an application "footprint" and reported in the applications "Build Audit Report," regardless of versioning tool usage. In addition, Meister for Java can coordinate and determine the correct version of Eclipse Plug-ins to use in the creation of your Jar. Eliminating the chaos associated to managing Eclipse Plug-in versions will simplify your Eclipse Plug-in development efforts.

Meister's Delivers On-demand Build Management Knowledge through Community Development

Meister for Java's community-developed knowledge base enables Java Jar and Eclipse Plug-in development build best practices. The community-developed knowledge base keeps all developers in sync providing a shared build object repository, common locations for reporting on parameter usage, and environment variable usage. Build Logs, reports and schedules are centralized providing the self-service and self-documented build management support needed in today's lean development environments.

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Openmake Meister For Java

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