How to learn data science by own?

This post will provide answer to the most frequently asked question: How to learn data science by own?

How to learn data science by own?

Learning Data Science - How to learn data science by own?

In this post we will tell you how you can learn data science by own and master the topics necessary to work on ML/DL projects? You can learn Data Science by own by understanding the basics, advanced topics and side-by-side practicing the coding examples given here. We have given necessary topics and examples really needed to become a data scientist yourself. You have to spend time in learning theory and then practicing it with real-life examples. You can begin your journey of learning Data Science by exploring the topics given here and using the many examples that helps you in learning the coding for developing data science applications.

How to learn data science by own?

The question "How to learn data science by own?" is certainly the most asked questions among developers working on other programming technologies. The online tutorials and courses available for free on the internet is most popular course among data scientists. These free tutorials will help them learning Data Science from beginning. Many of these courses are written by highly experience data scientists and certainly are the best choice among who need to expand their knowledge on data science.

The data science course is not so easy, but fresh developers will find very useful. These tutorials, tips and best practices will help them to have a better journey to learn data science and a deeper understanding of the nature of data science.

You should learn the following topics first:

  • Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Python programming Language
  • The learn about the various Data Science Models
  • Learn TensorFlow and Keras
  • Experiment with the simple machine learning projects

As a Data Scientists you should also learn the following topics:

  • Basic tools and concepts for data scientists
  • How to use predictive, regression, and classification tools?
  • How to use a data visualization like Charts, Pandas or Python?
  • The role of statistics in data science?
  • Advanced topics about algorithms and big data techniques

Import skills that you should learn in Data Science

Data visualization and visualization

So once you have basic understanding of the techniques or concepts, it is time to come to your own conclusions. You know the importance of creating beautiful user interfaces with minimal coding. You are not actually doing a data science research, but you have to visualize your data or the final result to the end users. So, in such cases you need  the data visualization skills. So, its very important to learn the data visualization packages and software tools. You should be able to create clear cut visualization for your data and final results of your model.

Data visualizations are the most important tool in any data science studies. They can give an illusion of simplicity, and have a powerful effect on our understanding. You need to learn how to use these tools and combine them to help you do better. It is not simple to learn how to create a good visualisation and you have to practice to gain this skill. Learn the tools and try to make visualization of your data. Most of the time you will learn the visualization skills while working on the Data Science projects in your company.

Learn Coding skills

For data science you should learn the basics of Python and it it not necessary to be a big python coder, instead fundamentals of python is enough to get started with the Data Science projects using Python.

Python is a very powerful language that we recommend you to learn in order to become a good Data Scientist. If you choose to work in an environment where there are big companies behind the scenes, or you want to become a data scientist, go for this language and learn Python/Data Science libraries in depth.

If you are an experienced web developer, please take a look into all the tutorials written for python beginners. When you do get to the basic concepts, it is time to dive deeper and more in depth into other Data Science coding techniques. You should learn the libraries such as pandas, scikit-learn, numpy and gdal. And after that, maybe after that you could start coding some pandas models in python.

Good programming skills and mathematics skills are must for Data Scientists, beginners should learn all these in-depth and experiment with many sample projects.

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