Styling Advice for Your Moissanite Jewellery

Wearing MoissaniteCo should give you a sense of beauty and self-assurance.

Styling Advice for Your Moissanite Jewellery

Styling Advice for Your Moissanite Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, the glimmer and allure of priceless diamonds are simply captivating. Many people have preferred diamonds, but Moissanite has become a fantastic substitute in recent years. MoissaniteCo, renowned for its unusual brightness and durability, is an affordable and environmentally conscious choice for individuals who wish to make a statement without going over budget.

Moissanite jewellery is ideal for every occasion, whether attending a formal event, a laid-back get-together or adding glitter to your everyday outfit. Its traditional appearance and distinctiveness make styling difficult for most people. It shouldn't be the case, though, since there are a few things to consider while choosing the appropriate style for your moissanite jewellery.

What Exactly Is Moissanite?

Henri Moissan, a French chemist, is credited with making the first discovery of this naturally occurring silicon carbide mineral in 1893, and his name is Moissanite. Moissan identified the meteor crater while studying samples of Arizona granite from Canyon Diablo. Further investigation revealed that this material had recently been found, despite his belief that it was a diamond.

Until the late 1950s, many people wrongly thought that Moissanite originated from meteorites in a meteor crater. But decades after the original finding, additional Moissanite in Wyoming's Green River Formation and later at a Yakutia diamond mine in far-east Russia. These discoveries demonstrated that Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral.

Examine The Occasion

When choosing the moissanite jewellery to wear, the occasion is the consideration. A more ornate piece, such as a moissanite tennis bracelet, would be more appropriate for a formal occasion, while a straightforward set of moissanite stud earrings might be ideal for a day at the office. Looking and feeling your best may be achieved by matching your jewellery to the occasion.

Don't complicate things.

Don't conceal Moissanite behind layers of other jewellery since it has a high-gloss, diamond-like polish that adds to its beauty. Instead, pick a location that brings out its breathtaking glimmer. Our preferred setting is 14K white gold without side prongs, which offers a straightforward yet sophisticated setting for diamonds. Rose gold or platinum are better options if you want extra glitter!

Have self-Assurance

Ultimately, having confidence and comfort in your clothing is the key to wearing moissanite jewellery with your regular outfit. Wearing MoissaniteCo should give you a sense of beauty and self-assurance, whether a statement cocktail jewellery or a modest pendant necklace.

Combining with more jewels

Because of its neutral tint, Moissanite is a beautiful stone that complements many gemstones. Put your rose gold ring on display in a plain setting with sapphires or another light-coloured gemstone. For a more whimsical look, go for bolder stones like pink tourmaline or vivid blue topaz. Minimise additional embellishments on your finger to avoid overpowering your primary stone.

Use Additional Gems as Accessory

This results in a sophisticated yet diverse style. Combine it with more striking stones, such as brilliant blue topaz or pink tourmaline, for a daring multicoloured appearance. It is important to note that wearing too much jewellery on your fingers might cause the Moissanite to lose its brilliance.

Play with various hues.

Although Moissanite is available in a spectrum of hues, certain hues go better with particular skin tones than others. For instance, if you wear an emerald-cut stone with stronger green tones, your brown eyes will shine. Additionally, round-cut stones accentuate darker eyes, and rose-cut stones draw attention to light eyes. Trying out various gem cuts will help your jewellery stand out.

Combine and Contrast Metals

Don't be afraid to combine different metals and stones to create a unique look. For example, a stack of gold or silver bangles combined with a plain pendant necklace made of Moissanite might look chic and striking. Try various combinations of textures and styles until you discover one that suits you. You may, for instance, pair a rose gold bracelet and silver earrings with a moissanite pendant on a gold chain. Selecting metals that work well together rather than against one another is crucial.


Jewellery stacking is one of the newest and most fashionable trends in fashion. Try wearing a stack of various-sized and shaped jewellery for an outfit suitable for daily wear. Combining copper or platinum with metals like gold or silver may also create a statement. A beautiful ensemble may be created by layering various moissanite jewellery items, such as earrings, a bracelet, and a pendant necklace with studs. In any case, there are many lovely alternatives that you may choose from based on your preferences.


Moissanite jewellery provides a versatile and exquisite choice for any event. It is the best option for anyone looking for classic elegance without paying the high cost of conventional diamonds because of its affordability, ethical sourcing, and remarkable brilliance. Whether travelling, attending a formal event, or going about your daily business, moissanite jewellery is a brilliant accessory that never fails to wow. Thus, give in to the allure of Moissanite and let your style radiate more than before.