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About RoseIndia.net

About RoseIndia.Net

RoseIndia.Net  is global services company that understands businesses and aims to deliver value to its customers through its software solutions and services. We are providing customized software solutions in areas of Web based technologies, Database systems, Client server architecture, E-Commerce solutions, and I.T. Consultancy. We also provide skilled manpower to assist the client in offshore development.

The company plans to achieve its objectives through a well-defined, systematic approach and with clearly defined practices, methodologies and processes with the ultimate objective of working under ISO certified environment.

The Mission

At RoseIndia.Net with Technical proficiency and expertise, we cohesively integrate graphic design with web page layout, with interactive programming, with database driven content, to plan, build and deploy e- business and to emerge as one of the top IT service provider.

Service Description

We have experience in both large and small projects. Our technical teams skills include Java (J2EE) programming, ASP, C#, PHP, Perl, J2ME, XML, relational databases (MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Access). We also have experienced graphic and web designers on staff to assist with the artistic area of web development.

* Design, Strategy and Implementation of B2C, C2C and B2B portals.
* Design and Implementation of Application Service Provider (ASP) models.
* Web enabling of existing Client-Server applications and three tier architectures.
* Client/server applications, database engineering, E-commerce solutions, Application Service Provider solutions and more.
* Commerce enabling of e-businesses and Portals including SMS and MMS integration.
* Middleware design and development of interfaces and plug-ins.
* Application development using both Microsoft and non-Microsoft Platforms.

ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, VC++, JSP, PHP, ASP,  SQL Server, My Sql, C, C++, C#, J2EE

Enterprise Development:
Java2EE - JMS, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JNDI, JDBC, Hibernate, Struts, Spring, .Net Framework, Web Services, Languages Java 1.5, Jakarta Torque, Ant

Website Programming:
CGI (Perl), PHP 4, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML Flash / Actionscript, HTML, DHTML, JHTML, CSS, XSL, XSLT, XPath, XML Schemas, DTD, ASP, ASP.Net, Web Services

Oracle, MS SQL, MS Access, DB2, MySQL

Operating Systems:
Windows, Unix, Linux

Contact: [email protected]