ActionMapping and is the Action Mapping specified



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ActionMapping and is the Action Mapping specified
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What is ActionMapping and is the Action Mapping specified?

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November 20, 2010 at 4:49 PM

Action mapping contains all the deployment information for a particular Action bean.we specify action class for particular url i.e. path and diffrent target view ie forwards on to which request response will be forwarded. We also specify to which page control should go if there is validation error for ex input property of . It is also specified which form bean will correspond to action.

Action mapping specifies the action in the coniguration file called struts-config.xml.

Action Mapping code:

<action path="/Hello"  type="com.HelloAction" name="helloForm" 
    input="/result.jsp" scope="request" validate="true"> 
<forward name="success" path="/success.jsp"/>
 <forward name="failure" path="/error.jsp"/>


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