file_exists php not working



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file_exists php not working
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file_exists php not working. Please give me the simple example.

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file_exists php not working
file_exists php not working  file_exists php not working. Please give me the simple example
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Check the File Exists in PHP Program  Hi, I trying to create a application to find or retrieve the existing files. So, Please help me or suggest any online reference that explain about the file exists function in PHP? Thanks
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The file_exists() function returns TRUE if the file or directory specified by filename exists; FALSE otherwise.  Syntax of file_exists() Function PHP bool file_exists (file_name ) It test the existence of the file
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File existence checking If you want to check whether a file exists, you should use file exists PHP function. Syntax: file_exists($path), where...=/images/file1.jpg; file_exists($DOCUMENT_ROOT.$TmpName); where $DOCUMENT_ROOT - PHP
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Description: This example demonstrate how to check a file exits at a given path or not.  The method isFile() of the File class check for its existence. As in the file path we see '\' (backslash) that is used to denote
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; If you are planning to start writing in PHP you should  know what.... In PHP it is not required to declare any variable before we use it. PHP is loosely typed language, PHP depends on the  value not on the variable
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