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programming problem
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  1. Kingdom of Maplewood is a beautiful country comprising of a lot of small islands of different areas. All the islands are in a straight row. King Rosewood is getting old and has decided to divide the islands among his two sons - Eric and Finn. Luckily, the total number of islands is even. He has also decided a few rules for the division of islands: i) Eric and Finn will be given alternate turns to choose the islands. ii) They can only choose one island at a time from either the beginning or the end of the row of islands. iii) Once an island is chosen by someone, it cannot be chosen by other person.

Suppose you are Eric and you are given the first choice. Find out the maximum area you are sure you can pick.

  1. You own an IPL franchisee. There are N players eligible to play in the coming season. Each player has a fixed cost ranging from 0 to C based on his previous performance. As your team won the last yearâ??s IPL, you are first one allowed to pick a team. You can pick as many players as you like, but you have limited resources. Your advisers tell you that, if you keep the difference between the sum of the costs of players you buy and the ones you donâ??t to minimum, you stand to make the best use of your resources. Although you have doubts about their advice you decide to go ahead with it. Write a program in the language of your choice to complete the task.
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