I have a problem on coding the source of this problem on my cash

If someone could help my to put this in a java program extends Jframe

The problem is this:

On my container there is a label which you will ENTER AMOUNT of the amount of money you will WIDTHRAW. After the widthrawal is done there will be a cash dispense to be done..that if there are 1000 pcs. of 1000 pesos stored on an atm machine and you widthraw for an instance an amount of 5000 pesos it should prompt how many 1000 pesos were taken from the 1000 pcs of 1000 pesos stored is the other data

1000 pcs of 1000 pesos
500 pcs of 500 pesos
100 pcs of 100 pesos.

Please I need a help to code this on java extends is a case study that I need to submit on Tuesday March 23,2010 please help me on this
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March 19, 2010 at 11:37 AM

Hi Friend,

Please clarify your problem.



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