How to enable commenting into pdf files using java?

How to enable commenting into pdf files using java?

I need to enable commenting feature in a pdf through Java program. Normally when we open a pdf in acrobat, user can put comments in the pdf because acrobat has in build commenting feature (this feature is only for licensed version). At the same time, when the pdf is opened in adobe reader, user can not put comments in pdf as adobe reader does not have in build feature for commenting.

In acrobat we have option for enabling comments in pdf through Comments menu ?³ Enable for commenting in adobe reader (In licensed version). For eg. Consider xyz.pdf is opned in acrobat and through comments menu, the option ¡§Enable for commenting in adobe reader¡¨ is turned on and another pdf ¡§abc.pdf¡¨ does not have this option turned on. After doing like this, when xyz.pdf is opened in adobe reader, commenting tool bar will automatically appear. But when ¡§abc.pdf¡¨ is opened in adobe reader, commenting tool bar won¡¦t appear.

I need to do this same setting through Java code to enable commenting in ¡§abc.pdf¡¨ in adobe reader same as ¡§xyz.pdf¡¨.

Thanks in Advance.

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January 15, 2010 at 3:26 PM

any one please give the reply.

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