Pattern matching


Pattern matching

String tagvalue =

I've above string and I need to extract the value of 1- fname 2- lname 3- email.

Please help me the best way to extract these value using regx or any string handling concept.

I'm trying

Pattern fnamepat = Pattern.compile("fname=\"([^<>]+)\" "); Matcher fmatch = fnamepat.matcher(persontag); if(f_match.find()) { String fname =; System.out.println("FIRST NAME FOUND :: "+f_name); }

but it is giving me :

FIRST NAME FOUND :: Prof Ammar" lname="Al-Chalabi" email="[email protected]

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January 18, 2012 at 6:20 PM

//Please ignore previous post..
	String tagvalue =  person fname="Prof Ammar" lname="Al-Chalabi"
		email="[email protected]" author="yes">

		//I've above string and I need to extract the value of 
		//1- fname
		//2- lname
		//3- email.

		//Please help me the best way to extract these value
		//using regx or any string handling concept.

		//I'm trying 

		Pattern f_name_pat = Pattern.compile("fname=\"([^<>]+)\" ");

		Matcher f_match = f_name_pat.matcher(person_tag);



		  String f_name =;

		  System.out.println("FIRST NAME FOUND :: "+f_name);


		//but it is giving me :

		//FIRST NAME FOUND :: Prof Ammar" lname="Al-Chalabi" 
		//email="[email protected]


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