how i want to create a coding by this question?



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how i want to create a coding by this question?
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Design and write a class named Person and its two subclasses named Student and Employee. Make Lecturer and Admin subclasses of Employee.

A person has a name, address, phone number and email address. A student has a matric number and status (year 1, year 2 or year 3). An employee has a department, salary and date hired.

Define a class named MyDate that contains the fields year, month and day. A lecturer has a rank (Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor or Professor).

An admin staff has a title (Assistant Registrar, Head Registrar or Registrar). Override the toString() method in each class (except MyDate) to display the class name and the personā??s name. Also define a suitable constructor for each class.

Draw the UML diagram for the classes. Write a test program named Asg1_3 that creates an object from each of these classes and invokes their toString() method.

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