get a radio button click value


get a radio button click value

thanks sir for sending code ,but i have one probs that is i m getting a null value i m calling getParameter("id") in servlet that is used in another jsp so can i call getParameter("radio") i.e in the input tag name="radio" eventhough i m getting a null value please help me sir
thanks in advance
if an changes in the code please send me sir...

<%@ page import="java.sql.*"%>
function transfer(id){
var f = document.form;
f.method = "POST";
f.action = "main.jsp?id="+id;

<form name="form">
<table border=1>
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/register","root","root";);
Statement st = con.createStatement();
ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery("select * from data");

<tr><td><input type="radio" name="radio" value="<%=rs.getString("id")%>" onclick="transfer(<%=rs.getString(1)%>);"></td><td><%=rs.getString("id")%></td><td><%=rs.getString("name")%></td></tr>

catch(Exception e){}

2) main.jsp:

String id=request.getParameter("id");
out.println("id = "+id);

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April 16, 2010 at 12:33 PM

Hi Friend,

If you want to call servlet from another jsp i.e 'main.jsp', then you have to store the value of id in main.jsp using the following:

<input type="hidden" name="idvalue" value="<%=id%>">

In servlet, use the following code to retrieve value of id:

String id=request.getParameter("idvalue");

Hope that it will be helpful.



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