assignment of variables



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Tarunkanti Kar
assignment of variables
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November 10, 2008 at 4:10 AM

Hi friend,

if you want to pass something from the client (javaScript) to the server (java), you have to submit a form, or use a the name/value query string.

your first should look something like:

<form action="loginPage.jsp">
Enter you value here: <input type="text" name="_value" value="">
Then click the button to Check <input type="Submit" value="Click Me">

you use that to transfer (or pass if you want) the string value of the _value variable to the loginPage.jsp page on the server.

The loginPage,jsp should something like this:
String value = request.getParameter( "_value" ); // get the parameter passed from the client

WebValidiator webValidiator = new WebValidiator(); // create a validator object

// do validation
if( webValidiator.validate( value ) )
response.writeln( value + " is a valid value" );
response.writeln( value + " is not a valid value" );


Read for more information.



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