JSF security design problem



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JSF security design problem
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JSF security design problem  Hi! I have to manage security (the quantity of roles and groups is rather huge) in java ee 5 + jsf (1.x) project... jsf at all? Please, provide your ideas of solving this problem. Thanks
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. There is a problem in css file. Try the following code. step1- JSP code
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then it may cause to security problem. JSF has resolve this problem. Features.... JSF provided the facility of reusability of code. Problem of working... of JSF JSF is based on MVC design pattern. It allows to separate your codes
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only when the user is connected. The problem is that when I do: security... very good... I use the Spring framework 2.5 to apply the security rules for hand... main.jsf! and when I do: security:intercept-url pattern="main.jsf" access="ROLE_USER
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JSF released its first version on 11 mar 2004, then JSF 1.1 and now it has... ?JSF Versions? to get the listing of versions released so far including... included and changes made in JSF 1.2 specification like: Unified Expression Language