Access web.xml init parameters



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Access web.xml init parameters
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How to access web.xml init parameters from java code?

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Access web.xml init parameters
Access web.xml init parameters  How to access web.xml init parameters from java code
web.xml  what is web.xml file..? explain its types..?   The web.xml file is important file for j2ee application. this file is also called the deployment descriptor. When you web application started the web server reads
web xml  which url address is given in web.xml?   When using prefixes in XML, a so-called namespace for the prefix must be defined. The namespace is defined by the xmlns attribute in the start tag of an element
Getting Init Parameter Names
. The main job of the ServletConfig object is to give the init parameters. To retrieve the init parameters in the program firstly we have made one class named... getInitParameterNames() which will return the Enumeration of the init parameters
Init param - Java Beginners
Init param  What is the correct syntax of init param?  Hello,Init parameters are added between the <init-param></init-param> tags under the <servlet></servlet> tags in the web.xml file
Init Parameter
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init method
init method  why init method used in servlet?   The init() method is called only once by the servlet container throughout the life of a servlet. By this init() method the servlet get to know that it has been placed
web.xml - XML
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regarding web.xml  I am the java beginner, please send the web.xml code and how to run a servlet for apache5.0.... my problem is in tomcat manager am getting the message 'fail' in web.xml  Hello,Please check the tomcat
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Servlet Init method  can we capture the form data into the init method of the servlet
init method of ActionServlet and RequestProcessor
init method of ActionServlet and RequestProcessor  hi every when the ActionServlet init() method is executed? please give answer for the above query
access   This is Nitha Sriram i am having a problem that, i am having a combo box in the JSP page when i select an item from that i am calling the onchange function. In javascript i am getting the value now i want to pass
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Configure Js request in Web.xml  Hi all, I have 1 basic doubt,suppose i have 2 jsp,1 servlet,1 web.xml file.i need to redirect 1 page via servlet with help of web.xml file.Here just i need to redirect to
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web.xml - servlet  Hi All, In my web application, I have one servlet that has to run automatically when ever I start my web application... application. I was suggested to use tag in the web.xml file to run that servlet
Version of cn.zhaiyifan>init dependency
List of Version of cn.zhaiyifan>init dependency
init Method in Spring
init Method in Spring       Calling Bean using init() method in Spring, this section describes  the way to initialize a bean through its lifecycle events using the init
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web.xml deployment descriptor  Pls guide about how to write the web.xml file to deploy our web applications that uses JSP, by using tomcat... ... and intalled the tomcat on your machine and you are able to access http
What are the elements in the deployment descriptor(web.xml)?
What are the elements in the deployment descriptor(web.xml)?  What do the following elements in the deployment descriptor(web.xml)are: ??.. ?.. ??? ?
SQL IN Parameters
SQL IN Parameters       A parameter is a placeholder that accept a user-defined value, whenever... This Example shows you how to use in type parameters. The Tutorial illustrates
named parameters vs postional parameters - Hibernate
named parameters vs postional parameters  hi,Can you please explain why we i should go for particular parameters or positional parameter... regards, somasekhar
How to Configure Spring in web.xml file ?
How to Configure Spring in web.xml file ?  How to Configure Spring in web.xml file ?   Hi you need to map the DispatcherServlet in web.xml as <servlet> <servlet-name>dispatcherServlet<
Getting Context Parameter Names
of the ServletContext to the context init parameters. The servlet and jsp which...Getting Context Parameters NamesGetting Context Parameter Names In this section, you will learn how to get  the context parameters which we have given
Assembling web.xml from fragments
This section contains detailed description on assembling web.xml from web fragments with an example
@WebInitParam Annotation Servlet Example
to use the init parameters in servlet 3.0 specificattion. In the older version of servlet init parameters specifications were given into the web.xml file...; Here you can give the name and value of init param using the initParams attribute
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to forward the parameters through click of button **/ On this page I have to access the data of previous page.How I can do this.   Hi friend
loacation of errorpage in web.xml for 404 error
loacation of errorpage in web.xml for 404 error   The webpage cannot be found HTTP 404 Most likely causes: ?There might be a typing error in the address. ?If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date. What you
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measuring Qos parameters   Hi, is there a tool for measuring the quality of service (Qos) of an web services. Thanks
measuring Qos parameters
measuring Qos parameters   Hi, is there a tool for measuring the quality of service (Qos) of an web services. Thanks
Access Specifiers and Access Modifiers
Access Specifiers and Access Modifiers  What are Access Specifiers and Access Modifiers


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