What is the main feature of Hibernate3?

What is the main feature of Hibernate3?

What is the main feature of Hibernate3?

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June 8, 2012 at 6:47 PM

Hibernate 3.0, the latest Open Source persistence technology. Features of Hibernate Hibernate 3.0 provides three full-featured query facilities: Hibernate Query Language, the newly enhanced Hibernate Criteria Query API, and enhanced support for queries expressed in the native SQL dialect of the database.

Filters for working with temporal (historical), regional or permissioned data.

Enhanced Criteria query API: with full support for projection/aggregation and subselects.

Runtime performance monitoring: via JMX or local Java API, including a second-level cache browser.

Eclipse support, including a suite of Eclipse plug-ins for working with Hibernate 3.0, including mapping editor, interactive query prototyping, schema reverse engineering tool.

Hibernate is Free under LGPL: Hibernate can be used to develop/package and distribute the applications for free.

Hibernate is Scalable: Hibernate is very performant and due to its dual-layer architecture can be used in the clustered environments.

Less Development Time: Hibernate reduces the development timings as it supports inheritance, polymorphism, composition and the Java Collection framework.

Automatic Key Generation: Hibernate supports the automatic generation of primary key for your.

JDK 1.5 Enhancements: The new JDK has been released as a preview earlier this year and we expect a slow migration to the new 1.5 platform throughout 2004. While Hibernate3 still runs perfectly with JDK 1.2, Hibernate3 will make use of some new JDK features. JSR 175 annotations, for example, are a perfect fit for Hibernate metadata and we will embrace them aggressively. We will also support Java generics, which basically boils down to allowing type safe collections.

EJB3-style persistence operations: EJB3 defines the create() and merge() operations, which are slightly different to Hibernate's saveOrUpdate() and saveOrUpdateCopy()operations. Hibernate3 will support all four operations as methods of the Session interface.

Hibernate XML binding enables data to be represented as XML and POJOs interchangeably.

The EJB3 draft specification support for POJO persistence and annotations.

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