Issue with Javascript


Issue with Javascript

Hi I created arrays in javascript in following way

var myimages= new Array(); myimages[0]="iphone_pushups.png"; myimages[1]= "cricket.png"; myimages[2]= "july.png"; myimages[3]= "matrix.png"; myimages[4]= "rhymes.png";

var Questions= new Array(); Questions[0]= "

How many iphone styles are present in the image?

"; Questions[1]= "

What is the name of the game present in the image?

"; Questions[2]= "

What is the colour of the stars in the image?

"; Questions[3]= "

How many blocks of same size are present?

"; Questions[4]= "

What is the language of rhymes found from image?


var answers= new Array(); answers[0]="Five"; answers[1]="Cricket"; answers[2]="White"; answers[3]="Four"; answers[4]="Telugu";

var options= new Array(); options[0]="One"; options[1]="Three"; options[2]="Five"; options[3]="None";
options[4]="Golf"; options[5]="Cricket"; options[6]="Chess"; options[7]="Carroms"; options[8]="White"; options[9]="red"; options[10]="blue"; options[11]="orange"; options[12]="Two"; options[13]="Three"; options[14]="Four"; options[15]="Five"; options[16]="English"; options[17]="Kannada"; options[18]="Telugu"; options[19]="Hindi";

For these arrays i have to write the code using javascript that for the question we should get 4 options and for the each question we should find the correct answer. it would be displayed as multiple choice question and if we click on one option it would show whether the answer is correct or not. I need code of this in javascript.If you don't mine get me reply as as quickly as possible.

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