validating web pages



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validating web pages
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How to validate HTML web pages..?

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validating web pages
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Java Server Pages(JSP)       JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology provides a simplified, fast way to create dynamic web content. It is a server side scripting
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Validating the password field  When the validate method returns back to the registration page the password field get cleared there by asking again one more time to enter the password field at the time of re-submitting the form
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Ajax Pages       Ajax Pages is a scripting template engine that enables rapid development of Ajax Web-based Applications, just like GMail, Google Maps, A9 and Backpack, but without having
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validating username and password from database  Hello sir, i am developing a login page. i want that when i fill data in text fields. it validate data from database. if enter data is match from database. page goes to next page
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JavaServer Pages (JSP) is used to develop dynamic web content on the server... pages that get compiled into Java servlets the first time they are invoked. JSP... output format is needed. Overview JavaServer Pages allows developer to build
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Validating date in javascirpt   Hi Friends, Can u plz give sample code for validating date in javascript using textbox.((dd--mm--yyyy format) Thank u in advance  Hi, The following code may be useful
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Web Server       A web... or intranet and interacts with the client through a web browser and delivers the web pages to the client. Apache and Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS
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jsp pages  I am using 3 jsp pages in an application.. 1.login.jsp 2.checkuser.jsp:is connected to databse..from this page im giving path to search.jsp we need fetch data from data u want to connect
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validating text fields  hi i am using NETBEANS IDE so when i want to validate TEXTFEILDS if one textfield is blank then it should focus on that particular textfield so help me with this plz..... /* * To change this template
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HTML  pages. Description : HTML is a hypertext markup language. Every HTML page has two part one head part another is body. It will  run on browser. Anything available in head will not display on browser. Body part is used
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Validating date in javascript   Hi Deepak, Can u give sample code validating date in javascript using text box. thank u in advance  In what format you are going to enter the date in Text box (i.e : dd/mm
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Iterating through pages  hello, I have a web page with a table...". And the next 100 records will get displayed in the page2. The pages go on wrt... with a sample java/ jsp code or technical details of how to iterate through the pages
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The JavaServer Pages 1.2 specification provides web.... The JSP technology is platform independent, in its dynamic web pages, its web servers, and its underlying server components. That is, JSP pages
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Traditional Means of Web Application Development       In the early days the web pages were static, simple HTML web pages, later on it became dynamic by using CGI script (Perl
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How to chage content in HTML pages?  Hi I am creating a web app... make it so that change in one page can affect all of the pages? Ex. In menu I havn't added "about us" and then after developing all the static pages if I want
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Validating Duplicate Entry To Database  I have a servlet that adds data to the table called foodtype in (Ms Access). i already have Chinese, vegetarian entered in table. what am trying to do is to validate when entering foodtypes
Brief Introduction to the Web Application development
Brief Introduction to the Web Application development Gone are the days of serving static HTML pages to the world. Now a days most website serves the dynamic pages based on the user and their inputs


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