style sheet properties



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style sheet properties
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What are style sheet properties?

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November 2, 2010 at 1:12 PM


Here is the answer.

Cascading Style Sheets can be used along with html tags as explained in this site. This simple CSS will help you to create much elegant and neat html web pages. This does not need any additional softwares or codings. All web browser are capable of handing CSS codes.

CSS2 defines an extensible structure for declarations or directives (commands, if you will) that are part of style sheet definitions. They are called at-rules because the rule starts with the ?at? symbol (@) followed by an identifier for the declaration. Each at-rule may then include one or more descriptors that define the characteristics of the rule.

The properties have been split up into the following groups:

  1. Font Properties
  2. Color and Background Properties
  3. Text Properties
  4. Box Properties
  5. Classification Properties
  6. Positioning Properties
  7. Printing Properties
  8. Pseudo Classes and Other Properties



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