Flex and Java


Flex and Java


Give the name of Collection which can be mapped to java and Flex and vice-versa.
please give the name of all collections which is used in flex and java..


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October 19, 2010 at 3:23 PM


These are the collections which are mapped in java and flex. java.lang.String String

java.lang.Boolean, boolean Boolean

java.lang.Integer, int int

java.lang.Short, short int

java.lang.Byte, byte[] int

java.lang.Byte[] flash.utils.ByteArray

java.lang.Double, double Number

java.lang.Long, long Number

java.lang.Float, float Number

java.lang.Character, char String

java.lang.Character[], char[] String

java. math.BigInteger String

java.math.BigDecimal String

java.util.Calendar Date

java.util.Date Date

java.util.Collection mx.collections.ArrayCollection (for example, java.util.ArrayList)java.lang.Object[] Arrayjava.util.Map Object (untyped). For example, a java.util.Map[] is converted to an array (of objects).

java.util.Dictionary Object (untyped)

org.w3c.dom.Document XML object

java.lang.Object (other than previously listed types) Typed Object

Objects are serialized by using JavaBean introspection rules and also include public fields. Fields that are static, transient, or nonpublic, as well as bean properties that are nonpublic or static, are excluded.


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