What is Angular and Why Use It?


What is Angular and Why Use It?

This section will introduce you with the AngularJs and explain you the the uses of Angular JS. Learn What is Angular and Why Use It?

This section will introduce you with the AngularJs and explain you the the uses of Angular JS. Learn What is Angular and Why Use It?

AngularJS Tutorials: What is Angular and Why Use It?

AngularJS is a widely popular JavaScript framework which is used for building wide variety of web apps, single page apps (SPA) mobile apps. As a JavaScript framework it has been in the dominant position for web and mobile app development for nearly a decade now.

Angular started years ago in 2009 as an open source JavaScript framework and it used to be called AngularJS. As the subsequent updates of the framework continued to come, AngularJS was renamed as Angular and since then the framework is referred as Angular only. Developed and maintained by Google it went through several updates and is considered to be a powerful framework for all sorts of mobile, web and enterprise app projects across niches.

Let us now explain some of the key reasons for the developers to prefer Angular for their web and mobile app projects.

Less coding effort

Angular developers need to write far less code for building apps. The framework does away with the need to write MVC pipeline separately. On top of that, as the view component of the framework comes with the HTML attributes, incorporating changes with few tweaks becomes really easier.

A highly declarative user interface

Angular uses HTML for the user interface of the app and this easily helps developers to get a prior understanding of the final look and feel of the app. As the developers thanks to the declarative language like HTML can assess the user interface of the app, their job becomes easier.

Superb performance

Angular comes loaded with powerful and dynamic features and a lot of tools that make development easier while ensuring top notch app performance and user experience. Some of these top features include Two Way Data Binding, Filters, Animations, Scope Management, API Client, Directives, Routing, Content Sanitization, Form Validation, etc.

High modularity

The Angular developers have access to a whole array of modules that can either work independently or autonomously. These modules help developers to incorporate features and give priority to some UX attribute and just customise the app. On top of that Angular apps can be built with diverse structures as required by the project.

Angular is flexible for all types of projects

Angular framework is truly comprehensive with all-round ability and features that developers need in multitude of app development projects. Angular offers a complete package that doesn't require developers to look outside for other resources and tools.

It facilitates RESTful actions to ensure that the communication between the server and the client remains easy and without complication. Angular framework offers an MVVM approach that allows developing the app with the Views showcasing the look and feel of the app with HTML code. Through Two Way Data Binding it helps real-time rendering and evaluation. The Dependency Injection allows easy changes, replacements and additions. Most important of all, Angular comes with an Enterprise-grade testing kit for quality assurance.


Angular has been the most dominant JavaScript framework for years and it will continue to remain so. Naturally, web and mobile app developers worldwide never can undermine the importance of this robust framework.