Ajax Web Framework, Frameworks for Ajax


Ajax Web Framework, Frameworks for Ajax

This page discusses - Ajax Web Framework, Frameworks for Ajax

This page discusses - Ajax Web Framework, Frameworks for Ajax

Ajax Web Framework


List of Frameworks for Ajax

In this section we will see the frameworks available for developing Ajax technology based applications. According to the features of the Ajax framework, it is of following types:

  1. Direct Ajax frameworks
  2. Indirect Ajax frameworks
  3. Ajax component frameworks
  4. Server-driven Ajax frameworks

We will be discussing about all these frameworks. You can choose any or combinations of these frameworks for developing your applications.

Direct Ajax frameworks

To these frameworks developer requires the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax. In this kind of framework developer authors the HTML and the api directly interacts with the HTML elements. These frameworks provides the API for DOM manipulation, event handling and animation support. This framework can't be used for complex application such as Ajax Web based email client.

Indirect Ajax frameworks

These Ajax frameworks relies on a compiler technology that actually converts the high level language into Ajax, HTML and JavaScript. In such framework high level language is used which generates the JavaScript from the high level language. To use Indirect Ajax frameworks, developer must know CSS, HTML. There is no requirement of knowing the Ajax and Javascript as framework generates Ajax and JavaScript code.

Ajax component frameworks

The Ajax component frameworks provides lot of premade components such as grid, tabbed panel, tree, combo box, date picker, HTML editors etc. You can use these components while developing the UI for your web applications. These framework allows the developer to use these components by just adding few lines of JavaScript or XML tags.

The Ajax component framework allows the developer to rapidly develop web applications. These frameworks provides:

  1. Customizable API and event handling functions.
  2. Skinning facilities for great looking website
  3. Programmatic control of the components
  4. The extensibility support, which make the framework very useful. You can create own components by extending the existing one.

Server-driven Ajax frameworks

The Server-driven Ajax frameworks relies on the server side components for the Ajax functionality. In such type of framework programmer's develops and manage the server side components and the server generates necessary HTML and JavaScript for Ajax support. The server-side framework renders the component(s) and handle the server client request response data handling.

List of Ajax Frameworks

Now let's see the different frameworks available these days for developing Ajax based Rich Internet applications. Here are the list of Ajax Frameworks:

JavaScript Frameworks

These frameworks are developed in JavaScript and distributed as .js libraries along with supported files. These are directly included into HTML code and used with the help of JavaScipt code. Here is the list of JavaScript Ajax frameworks.




PHP Ajax Framework