JavaScript Frameworks

XMLas XMLas is a tool for binding xml definitions to an actionscript object structure can read and resolve 'n' definition files

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript Frameworks


  1. XMLas
    XMLas XMLas is a tool for binding xml definitions to an actionscript object structure can read and resolve 'n' definition files

  2. Walter Zorn
    Walter Zorn's Drag-Drop library which open-source (LGPL 2.1 or later) by Walter Zorn.

  3. Sigma Visusal Ajax UI builder
    Sigma visual builder is web based tool for AJAX RIA application UI rapid design and involved scripts programming. Written in pure javascripts(Sigma Linb), Sigma visual builder products great compatibilities with web browsers.

  4., building upon the wonderful Prototype JavaScript library

  5. Sarissa
    Sarissa is a Javascript API which encapsulates XML functionality in browser-independent calls which Portable XMLHttpRequest creation.

  6. Moo.fx
    Moo.fx builds on a lite version of Prototype library to provide an extremely compact effects package like Visual Effects

  7. Log4js
    Log4js is a logging API for JavaScript. The main goal is to have a robust and solid logging API which is very simmilar to the Java logging API Log4j.

  8. log4javascript
    log4javascript is a JavaScript logging framework based on the Java logging framework log4j. Its purpose is to provide JavaScript developers with a familiar, robust and flexible logging framework with which to debug JavaScript applications.

  9. jsTracer
    jsTracer jsTracer is a simple yet feature rich JavaScript logging and debugging tool.

  10. JSONER
    JSONER provides open-source solution for improving your web technologies.

  11. JSLog
    JSLog's focus is on ease of integration and deployment, providing a logging infrastructure with minimal performance impacts.

  12. JavaScript MVC
    JavaScript MVC is a general purpose framework. It is useful for many types of web development including: Rich Internet Applications.

  13. GSV
    GSV lets you place a massive image on the server, and let the user scroll around.

  14. Google AJAXSLT
    Google AJAXSLT is a Javascript framework for performing XSLT transformations.

  15. Freja
    Freja is a specialized Javascript Framework for creating template-based, single-screen web applications.

  16. The Flash JavaScript Integration Kit
    The Flash JavaScript Integration Kit allows for the integration of JavaScript and Flash content.

  17. Embedded JavaScript
    Embedded JavaScript (EJS) is an open source JavaScript template library.

  18. crossvision Application Composer
    crossvision Application Composer is a framework incorporating Application Designer with the purpose of easily defining the user interface of applications in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

  19. Cerny.js
    Cerny.js is a JavaScript library trying to ease the development of projects in large teams which makes use of method call interception and aims at separation of concerns.

    Capxous likes those auto complete things on those cutting edge applications? Auto complete has a widely usage today, especially in Accounting, CRM, HR, ERP and Manufacturing software.

  21. Bitjuice
    Bitjuice is a bitmap/raster API for easy graphics in the browser whish uses an HTML table (not canvas/SVG).

  22. Bindows Benchmarking
    Bindows Linker - The Bindows Linker is a tool that reduces the code size of a Bindows application by including only the classes and methods required.

  23. Bindows animation library
    Bindows animation library enables adding animations to Bindows components - thus creating visual effects like pulsating buttons.

  24. Backbase XML/XSLT/Xpath
    Backbase Enterprise Ajax is targeted at developers who need to create more compelling Ajax Web interfaces for any type of software application.

  25. Ample SDK
    Ample SDK is the only multi-purpose client-side framework that brings open standards to the browser. Ample SDK employs XML for laying out User Interfaces and DOM API for implementing logic of applications in a clean standard cross-browser and future-proven way.

  26. AMFPHP
    It?s fast, reliable, 100% free and open-source. With this new version we have strived to make a product as stable and full-featured as ColdFusion-based remoting (the reference implementation).

  27. AjaxFace
    AjaxFace is an AJAX, JavaScript UI framework. It uses client-side rendering architecture.

  28. XMLParse
    XMLParse does simple deserialization of XML to JavaScript objects like Compatibility